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There's a rare substance called Titan's Blood. It is extremely powerful and sometimes causes leaks between our realms.

Titan's Blood is a magical substance found on the Boiling Isles. It is the key element that enables transportation between the Demon Realm and other realms, such as the Human Realm.[1]


Titan's Blood is a liquid substance that is cerulean blue in color.


Titan's Blood, as its name suggests, was a liquid from the circulatory system of the Titan. As a part of the Titan, the substance emanated strong magic; according to the diary of Philip Wittebane, when the blood mixed with the water, it demonstrated interdimensional properties and spontaneously created portals to the Human Realm that caused leaks spilling from the Demon Realm to the Human Realm and vice versa.[2][1] While many items would be transported across realms, the appearance of a human was a rarity, until the 1600s,[3] when Philip was accidentally brought to the Isles by Titan's Blood.[1]

Years after the Titan's death and the Boiling Isles formed, Titan's blood remained inside the desiccated veins of the Titan's carcass. Because of its magic potency, the substance was considered the most powerful source of magic on the Isles, and as such, ancient witches set up mine sites across the Titan to harvest its veins for the resource. However, these veins also contained "Fool's Blood", a substance identical to Titan's Blood that would combust upon touch. The bustling search for Titan's Blood gradually exhausted as the resource fell short in supply, that eventually witches abandoned mining for it.[1]

Through unknown means, the portal was constructed using Titan's Blood as fuel.[1] It can also be found within its key.

Titan's Blood can also be used to power devices which can find time pools that appear throughout the Boiling Isles.[4]

Hooty and Tinella Nosa took a blood sample from King in an attempt to figure out what class of demon he falls under.[5] While the results were inconclusive at the time, King would later learn he is a young Titan.[6] It is unknown for sure due to his age if King's blood has the exact same properties as that from a fully-grown Titan, though he did briefly question if his blood could be used in freeing the Collector.[7]



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