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Titan Trapper Island is an island in the Demon Realm. Situated in the Boiling Sea, it is located in the hand bone of a large Titan. In order to arrive there, one must be teleported there through a large magic teleportation device in the form of a Titan finger, which is activated by a special rock fitting in an opening at the base of the finger. However, this spell was destroyed by King to prevent the Titan Trappers from following him, Hooty, and Luz.

The island is home to a cult of witches dedicated to exterminating the Titan species, and especially the last known living Titan, King, who they wanted to sacrifice to free their god, the "Grand Huntsman". They're called Titan Trappers, and named the island after themselves.


Titan Trapper Island is an island inhabited by a tribe of witches who call themselves the Titan Trappers. Near the island, the skeletons of several other Titans protrude from the Boiling Sea, including the skeleton of a Titan at least as tall as the Titan of the Boiling Isles. However, its skull is larger compared to that of the Boiling Isles' Titan and has an animal anatomy despite the Titan's body being humanoid.

Titan Trapper Island consists of the hand of a skeletal Titan, which, judging by the size, probably belongs to the large Titan. The hand is mostly complete, and judging by the position of the thumb, it is believed to be the Titan's left hand. However, conspicuously missing is the index finger of the hand, which is probably the teleporter finger that connected the Titan Trapper Island with the rest of the Demon Realm.

Titan Trapper Island is mostly a barren rocky landscape with only a few scattered trees and a few small forests. A long wooden bridge with a circular pedestal is at the ends led between the broken index finger and the middle finger. The pedestal is where a person will be sent when using the connection between the Titan Trapper Island and the teleporter finger.

The village of the Titan Trappers is located near the missing index finger of the hand and has a crescent shape seemingly chosen deliberately by the Trappers because of their devotion to the Collector. The houses are made of wood while the roofs are seemingly organic in nature and looks like the shells of giant turtles.

Apart from the village, there seem to be two ports on the island, located at the opposite end of the hand to the left and right of the village.


Titan Trappers are thought to have inhabited the island for a long period of time, judging by the island's architecture and their worship of the Collector. After receiving a letter telling them to come to the island, Luz, King, and Hooty, travel to the island and learn of the Titan Trappers. At first Luz and Hooty are happy King possibly found his family, but became fearful upon realizing that King is a titan and rush to save King before he can be sacrificed. The three flee the island and destroy the teleporter to the island.




  • Interestingly, Titan Trapper Island's Titan hand has one finger missing, which could very well be the giant finger that teleports beings to the island.
  • The Titan corpse in the distance around Titan Trapper Island bares a great similarity to the one seen in the Owl Beast's memory in "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door", possibly suggesting that the Owl Beast may have originated from this land.
  • While the Titan Trappers are aware of the existence of the Boiling Isles, not even knowledgeable people of the Boiling Isles like Lilith know about Titan Trapper Island or the Trappers. This implies that there may be something that prevents Titan Trapper Island from being reached by normal sea routes and therefore remained hidden from all discoverers.