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We are Titan Trappers, under oath to protect the world from giant monsters of death and destruction. But uh, not many of us have seen a live one, of course.
—Tarak, "Edge of the World"

The Titan Trappers are a cult-like group of witches who aim to eradicate the species of titans. They worship the Collector and his species, known to them as the "Grand Huntsman".[1] The Titan Trappers' current goal is to kill the last remaining titan, King.

The Titan Trappers reside on Titan Trapper Island, lead by their elder, Bill.


Little is known about the history of the Titan Trappers, but it is clear that they have existed for possibly centuries. They are said to be "great warriors" and are sought out by Luz Noceda for the purpose of helping on the Day of Unity. King also seeks them out in the hopes that he will find his family, but instead discovers the truth that the Titan Trappers are, in reality, disguised witches.[1]

During his reign over the Boiling Isles, the Collector revealed he thought the trappers were "jerks" who "started acting weird" at a certain point, and did not return the loyalty they showed him. He presumably also dislikes them for their hunting of the titans, whom he had befriended.[2]

At some point after the Day of Unity, Bill, Tarak, and possibly the rest of the Titan Trappers were turned into puppets by the Collector or his spies.[2] It is unknown if they were turned back to normal afterwards along with all the Boiling Isles' citizens.


The Titan Trappers are a group of witches living on a mass of titan remains, who worship the Collector and his race, whom they call "the Grand Huntsman", as their god, and aim to exterminate the titan species in their name. As Tarak explains, the Trappers have sworn to protect the Demon Realm from "evil monsters of destruction", implying that they don't consider titans to be any more than bestial, mindless creatures that spread chaos out of pure malice. The Trappers are not quick to question or reconsider these long-held beliefs, and even upon being shown through King that not all titans are malevolent or monstrous, they still did not hesitate to turn on him after realizing his true heritage. The Titan Trappers are cruel fanatics, and are quick to eradicate anyone they consider their enemy.

While the Titan Trappers are merciless against their enemies, their bond among themselves is very strong, and it is said that a Titan Trapper would never let any of his people down. They seem to think of each other as figurative siblings, with Tarak referring to his fellow Trappers as his "brothers" and "sisters". In addition, the Trappers seem to be hostile to trespassers on their territory, considering it to be sacred ground.[1]

The Titan Trappers appear to be more primitive than the inhabitants of the Boiling Isles. Most of them, such as Tarak, dress in armors, tunics, et cetera reminiscent of those worn in medieval times. Apart from crow phones and Tarak's knowledge of scrolls and Penstagram, there seems to be little technological equipment in their society. Palismen don't seem to be part of their culture, either, and none are seen on their island. They seem to have had, at least in the past, knowledge of the runic alphabet used on the Boiling Isles, as there are runes inscribed on the teleporter to their island. As the coven system doesn't exist in their society, the Trappers are seemingly free to use any kind of magic without restrictions.[1]

As for their appearence, the witches that make up the Titan Trappers have different colored eyes from the Boiling Isles' ones, supposedly due to their different geographical provenance. Their society seemingly does not include demons of any sort, which may be due to the fact that demons are said to have arose from titans, although this is unconfirmed.




  • Due to the colossal size of an adult titan, it is likely that the titan skulls worn by the Titan Trappers as part of their disguises are of younger titans.
    • At San Diego Comic Con 2023, confirmation was given that the specific young titans whose skulls they wore were King's siblings.[3]
  • The Titan Trappers' belief that titans are monsters that must be slain is in direct contradiction to the denizens of the Boiling Isles, who worship titans as they are the origin of life and magic in the Demon Realm.
  • It is not entirely clear to what extent the Titan Trappers' conflict extends to the titans. Although the Trappers wear titan skulls and have a large collection of younger titans, Tarak mentions that few of them have ever seen a living titan, indicating that Trappers of the current generation have rarely encountered titans due to their extreme scarcity in modern times. However, the paintings on Titan Trapper Island, King's Uncharted island and the Archive House depict battles between the titans and the Trappers, the latter location also revealing the story between the two and the collectors' involvement.


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