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A training wand is an instructional tool with which novice witches learn new spells. The wand made its debut in "Adventures in the Elements", and is owned by Amity in the episode. It is a standard magic wand with a power reservoir near the handle. Used in conjunction with the primer Magic 101, it provides the necessary power to cast the desired spell so long as there is a sufficient power reserve. The rate at which the reservoir is drained depends on the power required by the chosen spells. It is unknown how the wand is charged, and what kind of battery it uses.

One of these wands made another brief appearance in "Yesterday's Lie" as an item acquired from the Demon Realm by Jacob Hopkins. However, he does not know how it functions.

As the training wand provides its own magical power, humans like Luz and presumably other non-magical beings can use it to spell cast. The wand is used to draw a spell circle, casting the desired spell. While the training wand supplies the power, the witch using it still has to provide the intent and control. The spell circle drawn with a training wand matches the color of the witch's normal spell circle.


The training wand is a light brown stick with a thicker, darker brown handle. Connecting the handle to the stick is a gray cylinder with a screen displaying how much battery is remaining on the wand, with green meaning full to half-full, and red meaning empty or close to empty.




  • When using the same training wand, Luz draws a yellow spell circle, while Amity draws her normal magenta one.
  • It runs on battery power.
  • A training wand was briefly seen among Jacob Hopkins' magic world items in "Yesterday's Lie".