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I'm LemonyFizz555, but you can call be Lemon! I go by They/Them pronouns and just LOVE the Owl House! It is one of the best shows (in my opinion.) I am open to talking with anyone here on the Wiki, so feel free to chat with me :)


I'm in the Illusionist Coven!!

Favorite characters

Facts About Me!

  • I am 13 years old.
  • I am learning how to speak German as a second language.
  • I am Non-Binary and still questioning who I like.

Check out my Wiki!

I am the owner of the Animal Jam Pack Wiki! I post about Animal Jam and the various features of Packs on the game. Packs are special groups that compete on a leaderboard by completing Pack Runs! It's really cool and I deeply enjoy having a Wiki for it.

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