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How cruel have I become... To know what I have done?
—Veela, Majesty

Potato / 15 / Lesbian / Denton, TX

Hello there!
My name is Potato, though I also go by Cookie, or Av.

I have been a devoted watcher of The Owl House since late 2020, and the series has risen to become my favorite animated series of all time. I love its representation, characters, and everything about it oh so dearly.

My favorite characters are Luz, Eda, and Amity.

See more about me below!

Contacts: Discord - Greenflower#7496
DeviantArt - FlyingCookie13

Facts 'Bout Me


  • I'm 15 years old, born on December 6th in Texas.
  • My hair irl is red, while my eyes are blue.
  • I despise eating meat on Mondays and seafood.
  • I play Star Stable Online, which I have played for three years.
  • I came out as a lesbian in June 2020, and later took a girlfriend in October.
    • Her name is Lauren, and I love her greately. We've kissed, held hands, embraced warmly, and battled high school together. She is the love of my life <3
  • My favorite singers are Laura Brehm, Veela, and Anna Yvette, while my favorite groups are T & Sugah and NCT.
  • I'm known to have a lot of chaotic energy.
  • I can be short-tempered sometimes.
  • I swear a lot.
  • I've found a huge passion for writing and drawing.
    • One of my images on DeviantArt hit 20K views.
  • I don't really talk a lot on wikia, and prefer using talk pages over message walls.

Owl House-wise

  • I do not approve of their actions, but I love the Blight parents as characters.
  • Luz, Eda, and Amity are my favorite characters.
  • I freaking love the representation and diversity in Owl House. Disney outdid themselves, thank you, Dana Terrace.
  • I do believe Edric is dating a non-binary or a person who goes by they/them pronouns.
  • I love Amity's new hairstyle.
    • It heavily reminds me of Penny from Bolt.
  • Belos' hair personally reminds me of Trevor Lawrence.
  • Willow's bedroom is beautiful, and I used it as inspiration for a bedroom in my series.
  • Lumity is too oversaturated in the fandom and the community surrounding it is toxic.


Yes, I do! It's called The Adventures of Jennifer and Mya; Jennifer and Mya or JaM for short. It involves two girls named Jennifer Wang and Mya Heartley as they face many adventures and misadventures together while also building up their relationship with each other in the fictional town of Pineshadow, Washington. They are joined by loner-turned-ally Winterlyn "Winter" McCormick, who later becomes Mya's adopted sister, Amira Fleckenshire, a tomboy lesbian with a dark secret and troubled past, and Daniela "Dani" Burton Vunquist, a school bully with a desire for murder that later reforms and comes to terms with her own issues.

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