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You and I are not the same. You had a mom who loved you, a home, a life, you had it GOOD! And you STILL wanted to run away, I... I didn't have a choice. My real name is... Number 5. I'm a basilisk, and technically, I... I shouldn't exist.
—Vee to Luz, "Yesterday's Lie"

Vee is a character in The Owl House. She is a basilisk from the Boiling Isles in the Demon Realm, who after escaping from the Isles, shapeshifted into a doppelgänger of Luz Noceda and currently lives with Camila Noceda in the Human Realm.



Vee has a small, chubby serpentine body with two arms and a tail in place of legs. Her face is round with wide eyes and a turned-up nose. She has a catlike mouth in a "W" shape with two small teeth poking out from her bottom jaw. She has pale, swamp-green scales with cream-colored spots on her head, tail, underbelly, and the bottom half of her face. There are tufts of navy-blue hair on her head, neck, and ears. Her eyes consist of yellow-gold pupils, black irises, and aqua sclera. She has off-white fins or tufts of hair on the sides and tip of her tail.

In Vee's disguised form, her silhouette is almost identical to Luz's, save for clothing and hair. Her hair is put up and smoothed down far neater than Luz's is, with a noticeably thicker sheen. The top does not stick up to one side, as it is clipped down by hair barrettes.

In Vee's partially disguised form, she mostly resembles her disguised form, except she has her basilisk ears and eyes. There are two spots underneath each of her eyes, which resemble those of her true form, a spot on the back of each hand, a spot on the back of each ankle, and spots around her ears.


Vee has a dull peacock-blue ring piercing on the left side of one of her tail tips.

When she first assumed Luz's form, Vee wore the same outfit. Later, she started wearing an air force-blue hoodie with darker cuffs, a mustard-yellow shirt underneath with a white collar and a pair of black buttons at the neck, Prussian blue leggings, and white sneakers with silver-gray laces and soles. She has a single yellow hair barrette on each temple.

When partially disguised, she dons a camo-green winter hat with cat ears and paws and a pair of massive yellow-tinted cat-eye sunglasses.

Additional features

Vee has nictitating membranes and a second set of eyelids that close horizontally in her true form, which manifest in her disguised form in times of stress.


Vee is shown to be rather insecure about her identity as a basilisk and is fearful and wary of strangers. However, she became more comfortable after shapeshifting into an impostor of Luz. She then started living with Camila, easily deceiving her and others into thinking she was the real Luz for months. As the impostor, Vee is shown to be laid-back, opportunistic, and more toned down compared to the real Luz. She dislikes confrontation heavily, and when put under pressure or in troublesome situations, Vee can be left petrified for an extended period of time.


Vee was part of a batch of basilisks that were brought back from extinction by Emperor Belos, along with the help of his coven, in order to study their ability to extract magic from living beings. Labeled as subject Number 5, Vee was put through various experiments where she was forced to extract magic from living creatures until they were completely drained, which she heavily detested doing. Eventually, she and a few other basilisks became fed up with the inhumane tests and escaped, going into hiding afterward.

While in the market one day, Vee spotted Luz when she first met Eda at the Human Collectibles stand, and covertly, Vee crawled through the portal in Eda's tent while the crowd was distracted. Entering on the other side of the portal to the Human Realm, Vee turned into Luz on instinct as soon as she heard Camila approaching her, and after learning that the woman was Luz's mother, Camila offered to give her a ride to the camp. Vee was surprised by the kindness from Camila and the prospect of having a real life, so she decided to continue the charade as Luz and went to the camp in her place. At camp, Vee made friends with a few kids and wrote letters to Camila telling her about her time there.[1]

A new life

After summer camp ended, Vee continued posing as Luz and started spending time with Camila.[2] One day, Vee is clearing Luz's bedroom of the latter's things, which Camila finds bizarre. Just then, they hear a rabbit squeak in distress, and the two free it. Vee heads back inside to continue clearing the room, grabbing one of Luz's shirts. After she shuts the closet door, the real Luz appears through the mirror on the closet and shouts at Vee, startling her. Before she can shatter the mirror, Camila questions if she is alright, only for the real Luz to cover for her saying she saw a spoiler from her favorite anime.

Vee, terrified, jumps out of the window and runs all the way to the old house, lamenting angrily about running again. She is too caught up in doing so and ends up accidentally getting caught in a trap set there, causing Vee to lash out and turn into her basilisk form from her stress. Luz, through a purse mirror, helps her free herself and asks why she is impersonating her, and Vee reveals that she just wanted a place to belong. The human realizes that she can continue impersonating her since Camila is unaware that her real daughter is missing, but Vee says that she has run out of magic, as she used the last of it just now to partially disguise herself. Upon seeing a piece of newspaper with Eda on it, Luz believes that the Owl Lady might have left some magic behind, so Vee sets out to find a source of it.

After arriving at Robin's Roast Café, with Vee wearing a hat and and sunglasses to hide her non-human features, she and Luz learn that Eda (under the alias name of Marylin) was banned for life trying to pay for a latte with a live raccoon. In the alleyway, Vee finds talking rats in the alleyway, making her scream and run away. After Vee finds her camp friends in the town square playing Hexes Hold'em, they direct her to the Gravesfield Historical Society, where the curator, Jacob Hopkins, agrees to bring her some. As they wait, Vee tells Luz about her life before entering the Human Realm and how kind Camila has been to her, silently criticizing the human for wanting to get away from such a loving woman. Suddenly, Vee smells magic and goes into the back room to find the cards, but to her horror, she finds weapons in the room, a picture of Eda, and realizes through computer screens that she has been watched the entire time. In her panic, she trips over a red laser, which promptly locks her in a cage. By now, Vee has also panic shifted back into her basilisk form. Jacob enters the room, pleased to have finally captured a demon, and he informs the basilisk that she will stay in that cage for the rest of her life. Vee orders Luz to go back to the Demon Realm, fearing Jacob will out her true identity to Camila. Despite Luz's insistence otherwise, she assures her that it's alright, breaking the mirror with her tail and severing contact with Luz.

Luz, through her mother's phone screen, manages to convince Camila to go to the Historical Society, although she believes that her daughter is just playing another game with her. However, when Camila finds Vee in her true form, she realizes that Luz wasn't lying to her - Vee wasn't her real daughter. She comforts the basilisk, commending her strength, but Jacob walks in, attempting to dissect Vee. Camila, refusing to let this happen, strikes the curator with her chancla and rescues Vee, taking her home and promising her shelter for as long as she needs it. Following that day, Vee remains in her true form around Camila, helping her with housework. On a rainy day, she is about to be served soup when Luz and her friends from the Demon Realm arrive at the doorstep.


Camila Noceda

After Luz went to the Demon Realm, the young basilisk snuck into the Human Realm and assumed Luz's appearance, living with Camila ever since due to her kindness. Camila was completely unaware of Vee's true identity until "Yesterday's Lie", when she was captured by Jacob Hopkins. However, after learning of Vee's true identity, she still offers her a place to stay at her home, calling her a strong girl.

In Reaching Out, Vee is seen in her form inside Camila house' showing that Camila is probably comfortable and accepting of Vee's true form.

Luz Noceda

When Luz tried to see her mother, she was shocked and scared at the idea of someone pretending to be her. However, after learning the truth about Vee's past, Luz felt great sympathy for her. However, Vee felt resentment towards Luz for wanting to abandon what she perceived as a loving, fulfilling life, unaware of the circumstances that made Luz so miserable.

When Vee was captured, however, Luz immediately called her mother to get her to save her, and Vee thanks her later on.

Jacob Hopkins

Jacob was spying on Vee and caught her, thanks to a camera he installed, claiming that she was a monster from Mars. Jacob felt no emotion towards her as he stated he was more than willing to cut her open and sell her to the government for the sake of proving his theories were true.

Powers and abilities

  • Magic absorption: As a basilisk, Vee is capable of absorbing and feeding on magic.
  • Shapeshifting: Vee is able to change her shape into anything she chooses, however, she needs magic in order to utilize the ability.


Behind the scenes

Name and basis

Vee's name is derived from "V", the Roman numeral for the 5, as her original subject name was "Number 5" while imprisoned.


Vee is voiced by Michaela Dietz. When she is disguised as Luz, she is voiced by Sarah-Nicole Robles, who also provided her voice, albeit uncredited, when Vee first appeared.


Vee was formally introduced in the episode "Yesterday's Lie"; however, she first officially appeared in "Keeping Up A-fear-ances" where she was presented as Luz's impostor. She was also alluded to in "Enchanting Grom Fright" as the mysterious writer behind Luz's camp letters.

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Sol Nieto
Germany German Alina Freund
Poland Polish Magdalena Herman-Urbańska


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  • Prior to her name being revealed, fans gave her the nickname "Creepy Luz". The name was derived from an interview with Sarah-Nicole Robles, the voice actor of Luz, when she described voicing "Creepy Luz" as her favorite moment in the studio.[3]
    • The description led fans to believe that the term referred to the existence of Luz's doppelgänger until Dana Terrace clarified that this was a joke response to the line "Maybe I'll meet a hot yet vulnerable upperclassman" from "The First Day". In the same post, she acknowledged (though did not necessarily confirm) the possibility of the doppelgänger theory.[4]
    • Character designer Matthieu Cousin unofficially referred to her as "Shadow Luz",[5] as a reference to Shadow Dio from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.[6]
  • Vee's codename, "Number 5", implies Belos created at least five basilisks.
  • As shown in the letters, Vee initially believed Luz's name was spelled "Lus".


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