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Now I'm only scarred emotionally.
—Viney after healing her physical scars with a spell circle, "Any Sport in a Storm"

Viney is a character in The Owl House. She is a student at Hexside School of Magic and Demonics, and while originally in the detention track with Jerbo and Barcus, she is now in the healing and beast keeping tracks.



Viney has brown hair with four wefted bangs and a messy bun held together by a dark orange hair tie. She has pointed ears, similar to the other witches of the Boiling Isles. She has green eyes with one lash on the top and one lash on the bottom; however, unlike the other characters, she and Jerbo both do not have a white shine in their eyes.


Viney wears a similar cowl to other students. However, hers is patterned ripped and held together by a large thumbtack. She wears a fishhook earring on one ear and wears a gray outfit, and initially wore lighter gray sleeves and leggings while in the detention track. Her skirt is ripped on the side and tied together. After getting to choose her own tracks, her sleeves and leggings become blue and orange, respectively, to represent the healing and beast keeping tracks. Prior to this, she only had the former while part of just the healing track.


Viney is a laid-back and casual teenager with a certain degree of leadership and self-assurance to back her actions up, as shown how she seemingly takes charge while in the detention track. She is the first to welcome Luz in the detention track and takes the charge to show her the ropes. Just like her fellow detention mates, she is very eager to continue learning magic and even more so to combine two separate types of magic. She also appears to have a fondness towards animals, so much so that she owns a pet griffin, Puddles, and insists that she would make a great medical assistant.

Viney is also respectful towards people who take responsibility and stand up for the oppressed, as was the case when Luz took responsibility in front of the teacher overseeing detention. A direct corollary of this is that Viney can be easily offended by people who believe themselves to be better than her and her friends. She dismissed Luz from the group after overhearing that Luz felt that she was above her detention mates. However, her opinion was once again swayed in favor of Luz after the human girl convinced Viney, as well as Jerbo and Barcus, to help the school fight off the greater basilisk, because even if others treated them badly, the detention track was still invaluable.


Trying multiple tracks

After trying to get into both the healing and beast keeping tracks and only having her griffin, Puddles, smash through a chalkboard, Viney is placed in the detention track, along with Jerbo and Barcus. However, they stumble across a secret room that gives them access to the entire school. When Luz Noceda is placed in the detention track, the three share their secret room with her. After Viney, Jerbo, and Barcus overhear Willow and Gus say that Luz thinks she is too good for them, an opinion she formed before getting to know them, they shun the human.

When Luz tells them that Hexside is in danger, Jerbo and the others rebuff her at first, but reluctantly agree to help. Upon seeing the basilisk, the four form a plan. They lure it to the auditorium and attack it, with Viney riding Puddles into battle. Once the basilisk is subdued, Principal Bump berates them for practicing multiple tracks, but Luz in turn condemns him for not allowing students to practice any type of magic they want. Realizing the error of his ways, Bump lets the detention track students studied their desired tracks, and Viney is placed in the healing and beast keeping track.

Joining the flyer derby team

When the Bat Queen brings palismen to Hexside to pair them with students, Viney is paired with a manticore after expressing her desire to become a veterinarian.

When Hexside has a club fair, Viney loses control of Puddles. After Willow puts together a flyer derby team, Viney is one of the students to join, along with Gus, Skara, and a new student, Caleb Jasper Bloodwillians. They play against a team of abomination students put together by Professor Hermonculus. Upon seeing Jerbo on the opposing team, Viney becomes enraged. mildly terrifying him. The newly-named Emerald Entrails prevail, but shortly after their win, Caleb reveals that Viney and the others have been drafted into the Emperor's Coven as Coven Scouts apprehend them. As they wait in a holding cell at the police station, Hunter, who was posing as Caleb, tells them about the benefits of being in the Emperor's Coven when Darius Deamonne, the head of the Abomination Coven, comes to take them away. While he flies, Darius keeps the teenagers away from their palismen until Hunter comes over to the craft and causes it to crash. Viney and the others try to escape, but Darius halts them, only letting them go with Hunter's encouragement that they wouldn't be worthy for the Emperor's Coven. Afterward, Darius reveals to Hunter that he intended to drop the students off at Hexside.

Resisting a coven

As the Day of Unity approaches, Viney and the other Hexside students and faculty are surprised when Adrian Graye Vernworth, the head of the Illusion Coven, comes to Hexside. He informs them that the Emperor has decreed all young witches must be placed in a coven before the Day of Unity. Viney and other multi-track students are unnerved by the decree, but Adrian claims to side with the students and only wishes to put fake sigils on them. Just before Adrian is about to "brand" Edric, Gus realizes that the brand is real and reveals the truth to the entire school. After seeing multiple Coven Scouts and watching as the Head Illusionist tries to force him into the Abomination Coven, Gus creates a school-wide illusion, allowing Viney, the students, and the faculty to flee to the healing homeroom.

As the students and staff at Hexside are recuperating, Viney and Skara go to find Gus and Hunter. They find Hunter unconscious and bring him to the healing homeroom. After Hunter tells the others that Adrian has Gus, the majority of the school does not trust him until Willow convinces them, recalling a breathing technique he demonstrated. She and the rest of the school fight the Emperor's Coven to get to Gus with her, and during the battle, Viney and Skara tear through the hallway with Puddles. Once the Emperor's Coven retreats with a vegetative Adrian, Viney and the rest of the students and staff at Hexside listen as Hunter explains the truth about the Day of Unity.


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Jerbo, Barcus, and Luz

Luz defending the other three.

Jerbo and Barcus are Viney's friends within the detention track, before Luz convinced Principal Bump put the four of them on multiple coven tracks. They have a rebel group and a secret hideout that once belonged to Eda Clawthorne, which they use to watch different classes in Hexside.


Puddles is Viney's pet griffin, who she can summon if she so chooses. Viney studies beast keeping in hopes of having her as her assistant in healing.

The Emerald Entrails

Viney celebrates a victory with her team.

The Emerald Entrails are Viney's Flyer Derby team, and they are seemingly good friends. They work well together to win a game in "Any Sport in a Storm".

In "Labyrinth Runners", she and Skara find Hunter and bring him to the healing homeroom, showing that they still care heavily for their teammate.

Power and abilities

  • Magic: Viney can perform magic by drawing spell circles. Like all witches, her magic comes from a sac of magic bile attached to her heart.
    • Healing magic: Viney can perform healing spells. By drawing a spell circle over a wound and or injury, Viney magically mends the damage and restores the body. Viney can project protective shields in the form of healing hands as well.
      • Medical knowledge: Viney has medical experience in remedial procedures.
    • Beast Keeping magic: Viney can conjure, call, tame her beast, a griffin named Puddles, with a spell circle. She uses her healing expertise to train Puddles as an assistant in her treatments, delivering popsticks to her patients.


Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Barbi Perrone
Brazil Portuguese (Brazil) Bianca Alencar
Germany German Nicolle Gonsior
Indonesia Indonesian Lady Carmelita Novita
Poland Polish Lena Schimscheiner

Behind the Scenes

Name and basis

Viney's name is similar to the plant vine, which can often spread quickly and overcome areas. She may also be named after Rachel Vine, one of the writers of "The First Day".


Viney is voiced by Ally Maki.


Viney debuted in the episode "The First Day".


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  • As mentioned in the same episode, she has an unnamed female cousin who attends a different school.
  • Not counting Luz (who studies all the tracks), Viney is currently the only named beast keeping student at Hexside.

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