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Let this be a lesson to all of you. There's no place in society for you if you can't fit in.
—Warden Wrath to the prisoners in Conformatorium, "A Lying Witch and a Warden"

Warden Wrath is an antagonist in The Owl House. As his name suggests, he is the warden of the Conformatorium. His main goal is to capture Eda, whom he has gained a fondness for after trying to capture her.[1]

He is the father of Braxas.[2]


Wrath is a humanoid creature with purple skin and a large, muscular build. He wears a hood that is non-standard for a guard and a beaked mask with yellow button-like lenses, resembling masks worn by plague doctors, 17th century physicians who treated victims of the Bubonic Plague in certain European countries. Under his mask and hood, he hides a huge mouth of large sharp teeth, as well as almost tiny eyes, which are difficult to see under a hood that he has not yet removed. He wears a white sleeveless tunic with brass buttons, a brown leather belt with a brass buckle, and black trousers tucked into dark purple shoes. On the uniform, one can also see a triangular brass badge, which apparently emphasizes his position.


Wrath is cruel, domineering, and conformist. On his orders, city residents are imprisoned for "abnormal behavior", some of which are inherent in some residents because of their characteristics. He also has a bad temper, which he manifests on rebellious prisoners and in battle.

Despite this, he is not completely heartless, as he developed a crush on Eda for escaping his grasp multiple times. Additionally, he cares for his son Braxas greatly. Something of a coward if confronted by a stronger magic-user, he can easily be intimidated if threatened with force.


Capturing the Owl Lady

Wrath with King's "Crown of Power".

Warden Wrath is the city overseer of the prison tower, and a member of the Emperor's Coven. He was tasked in capturing the infamous Owl Lady, but she managed to elude him each time. Eda's continued escapes caused Wrath to develop a crush on her.[1] At some unknown point, Wrath was seen participating in Emperor Belos' basilisk project, likely gathering data.[3]

Wrath stole King's "Crown of Power" in hopes to lure Eda to the Conformatorium, and upon (non-fatally) decapitating Eda, he attempts to ask her out. However, Eda rejects his advances, and Luz promptly knocks him out by bashing his head with the Owl Staff. The Warden then pursues Eda and gains the upper hand in the ensuing battle, but just as he is about to incarcerate her, Luz and various inmates step in and attack him. The combined efforts of the inmates and Luz are enough to send the Warden fleeing back into the Conformatorium.[1]

Luz forces Wrath to draw a map

After Eda gets captured by Lilith, he establishes that he and the Conformatorium serve under the command of Emperor Belos. He is seeking revenge on Luz and King, only to be defeated by them with ease. Luz then forces him to draw a map to Eda's location, and once he is released, Kikimora berates him.[4]

Demoted from his job

At some point, Wrath got demoted for stealing his co-worker's lunches.[5] He would then compete in the Bonesborough Brawl, wishing to defend his champion title. Eda attempted to extort him for information on Raine Whispers and the Day of Unity, to which he called security so she'd back off. After several rounds, Wrath was meant to face "The Mighty Mittens" in one of the final matches, only for Alador Blight to intervene and encase him in abomination sludge. Edric then force fed him an altered Blabber Serum which mutated him, making him powerful enough to bat away both Eda in harpy mode and one of Alador's Abomatons. It took the combined efforts of Alador and Amity restraining him so Eda and Luz could use ice spells to bury him in snow and turn him back to normal. Eda then went with directly questioning him, and Wrath informs her about the rumors surrounding the Day of Unity being bad for all magickind.[5]

Powers and Abilities

  • Superhuman strength: Wrath displays incredible physical strength. He is able to lift and hold Luz off the ground, as well as operate the cell door levers of the Conformatorium one-handed, a task that requires both Luz and Eda to achieve.
  • Organic construct: Wrath can transform his hands and arms into weapons, such as hammers, sickles, or a mass of tentacles for restraining opponents.
  • Fire breath: In his fight against Eda, Wrath demonstrates the ability to breathe fire from his enlarged mouth.


Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Javier Gómez
Taiwan Chinese Li Shi-Yang (李世揚)
Germany German Alexander Wohnhaas
France French Jean-Marc Delhausse
Indonesia Indonesian Hermano Suryadi
Malaysia Malay Jamaluddin Zakaria
Norway Norwegian Lars Sundsbø
Poland Polish Zbigniew Dziduch (A Lying Witch and a Warden)
Grzegorz Pawlak (Young Blood, Old Souls)
Portugal Portuguese Ricardo Monteiro
Thailand Thai Akapon Subpaya-archin (อรรคพล ทรัพยอาจิณ)
Turkey Turkish Erdem Çalişkan

Behind the scenes


Warden Wrath is voiced by Roger Craig Smith.


Warden Wrath debuted in the series premiere, "A Lying Witch and a Warden".


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  • He is somewhat similar to Judge Claude Frollo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996), as they are both villains from Disney productions in high positions of power who pursuit people who are not like him, and develop an attraction to one of the main female characters, whom they try to kill after they refuse their advances. However, the differences, aside from Frollo being a human, are that the Warden's attraction to Eda seems to be more of a crush, while Frollo's attraction to Esmeralda was due to lust, and that the Warden only imprisoned those he captured, while Frollo killed them.
  • Warden Wrath was designed to resemble a mix between a medieval jailor and Psych ward doctor.[6]


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