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I want to be strong and wise to protect everyone I love. And if anyone gets in the way, they'll feel the sting of defeat.
—Willow stating her deepest wish, "Hunting Palismen"

Willow Park is a major character of The Owl House. She is friends with Luz, Amity, and Gus and attends the same magic school as them. She was formerly part of the abomination track, but is now on the plant track. Willow is naturally very gifted at plant magic, but since she was forced into the abomination track, many characters assumed she was incompetent.



Willow is a shorter-than-average chubby girl who has light skin, pointed ears, olive green eyes, and short, neat, dark gray-blue hair with a few loose strands. Starting from the end of "Follies at the Coven Day Parade", Willow's hair has now been braided into twin pigtails and has a few pale green streaks dyed into it, courtesy of Amity.


Willow wears a pair of round gold framed glasses, and the green Plant track Hexside uniform, formerly the magenta Abomination track uniform. When not at school, she wears a long sleeved yellowish-tan dress that has a blue tie with an oval chartreuse gem on it, light gray and dark gray striped leggings, and brown boots. As of "Any Sport in a Storm" the frames of her glasses have changed from black to gold and she now wears ankle-length heeled boots with her uniform.


Willow is described as a bubbly and friendly witch. At first, she was shown to be shy with Amity, as she calls her "Half-a-Witch Willow", and often made fun of Willow's poor capability of creating and manipulating abominations. Despite being childhood friends with Amity, Willow grew to resent her due to her selfishness and cruelty towards her, seemingly after gaining her magical powers before Willow. To get her anger out, Willow uses plants that grow huge and grabs any physical object in her way. If she does harm somebody, she is fast to apologize to them.

She likes tending to plants and gets frustrated if she gets bad grades and when other students used to make fun of her, calling her "Half-A-Witch Willow".

She is now in the plant track at her school, formerly being in the abomination track which discouraged her, but with Luz's help, she showed Principal Bump that she had the ability to be in the plant track.

When Willow understood what Amity did in her head in "Understanding Willow", she was slow to accept Amity as a friend yet, but says "that it's a start", partially forgiving her.


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Early life

Willow with her best friend, Amity.

Willow Park was raised by her fathers, Gilbert and Harvey,[3] and was a close childhood friend of Amity Blight;[4] Much of her fondest memories often had Amity in them. However, Willow's magical powers developed later than her friend's, and because the Blight family only associated with the strongest witches, Amity's parents disapproved of their daughter's friendship with her. Left with little choice, Amity ends her friendship with Willow, claiming that she was too weak to be her friend. She began to resent Amity, not knowing that Alador and Odalia Blight were to blame.

Half-a-witch Willow

Amity patronizing Willow.

Despite being gifted at plant magic, Willow's fathers enrolled her into Hexside's abomination track due to the opportunities the track provided. Unfortunately, due her bad grades and inability to make a proper abomination, Willow detested her school life and was nicknamed "Half-a-witch Willow" by her classmates. It also didn't help that her former best friend, Amity, was the top student of her class and a mean-spirited bully. In her debut episode, "I Was a Teenage Abomination," she is bound to fail her next assignment, but a friendly human named Luz Noceda meets her. Luz decides to help her by acting as her abomination; in return, Willow has to take her to see Hexside.

Luz acts as Willow's abomination.

After introducing Luz to Gus, Willow goes to her abomination class and presents a goo-covered Luz as her abomination. She not only gets an A+ for her assignment, but also receives the top student badge worn by Amity. However, the latter begins to suspect foul play and angrily warns Willow that she intends to get the badge back. Willow is cautious of Amity, and she is almost caught when she catches Luz eating a sandwich during lunch. Because abominations don't eat, Amity thinks she has caught her red-handed, but she is instead sent to Principal Bump's office.

Willow transfers to the plant track.

At first, it seems like Luz and Willow will leave Hexside without getting caught, but Principal Bump, accompanied by Amity, wishes to see Willow's "abomination" for himself. Just as Willow is forced to start dissecting a still-living Luz, Gus manages to distract the principal long enough for the two to escape. Principal Bump seals off all the exits of the school, and Willow is left feeling helpless, unable to help her new human friend escape. Luz, however, gives her a few encouraging words and pulls out a greasy slime ball from her pocket, and Willow realizes that the slime ball is a seed. Using her plant magic, she manages to dismember the abominations chasing her and restrain Bump, leaving only Amity to deal with. Willow helps Luz escapes while she holds off the bully, knowing that her getting detention will be more favorable to Luz getting dissected. However, instead of detention, Principal Bump is impressed with Willow's plant magic proficiency, and he transfers her over to the plant track. She goes to the Owl House to show off her new uniform, and when it is revealed that Luz is banned from Hexside, Willow offers to teach the human what she learned at school.[5]

Adventures with Luz and Gus

King, Eda, Luz, Willow, and Gus attending a covention.

On the day of the annual covention, Willow and Gus show up to Eda's stand and show Luz a poster for the event. Though Eda is against her apprentice attending the event, she is forced to go after King and Luz torment her with The Good Witch Azura. In the covention center, Willow and Gus explain the various covens to Luz before excitedly entering the panel of the Emperor's Coven, where they witness a grand presentation announced by Principal Bump and Lilith Clawthorne. Willow and Gus are among the spectators during the duel between Luz and Amity, and later, Eda and Lilith.[6]

In "Hooty's Moving Hassle", Amity invites her all friends to an annual Moonlight Conjuring, except for Willow. Both Willow and Gus are upset about the news, but Luz offers to have their own Moonlight Conjuring with Eda's permission. Unfortunately, Eda says no. Unable to bring her friends the bad news, Luz sneaks Willow and Gus into the Owl House later that night while Eda leaves for the Night Market. Since this is the trio's first time in a Moonlight Conjuring, they decide, at Gus's request, to animate an action figure. However, the trio unknowingly animate the Owl House instead. The trio realize they can control the Owl House's movement with lunar magic and go for a short joyride, scaring Boscha in the process. Luz then suggests to the trio that they should return the house, but Willow and Gus urge their human friend to show off to Amity. Suddenly, the Owl House is captured by demon hunters, and the trio gets thrown over a cliff. While precariously hanging from a branch, Willow apologizes for letting Amity get to her and admits that she was once friends with her. Luz assures Willow that she too is a powerful witch, and that animating a house was no small feat. Regaining her confidence, Willow uses her plant magic to free herself and her friends, fight off the hunters, and save the Owl House. The three manage to return the house to its original location, and when Luz is about get punished by Eda, Willow and Gus take responsibility for egging the human on. Their punishment is to clean the house.

When Gus attempts to sneak Luz into Hexside, Willow is cautious about the idea due to the banned posters.

Out of sight, out of mind

Willow never let go of the resentment she held towards Amity, and the true extent of her anger would be felt by Luz and Amity herself. After the latter accidentally burns all of Willow's memories, she and Luz go into her mindscape to find Inner Willow and repair the extensive damages done to said memories. While there, the two encounter Inner Willow, who tries to destroy Amity after showing them the birthday party that ended their friendship. However, Amity tells the truth, revealing that her parents forced her to cut ties with Willow. She then vows to make sure Boscha and her gang never pick on her again. Willow is well aware of what Amity did in her mindscape, and while the two have much to do to mend their relationship, they end up on more amiable terms from this point forward.[3]


Luz Noceda

Luz and Willow in "I Was a Teenage Abomination"

Willow met Luz when she was on the way to school and was immediately fascinated that a human was on the Boiling Isles. Having seen and heard her dilemma, Luz decides to help by posing as her abomination, earning Willow the title of top student from her rival, Amity Blight. Willow later helps Luz escape from Hexside, and despite Luz's banishment from academy grounds, they remain close friends. Whenever Willow is angry or sad, Luz does her best to raise her spirits, and in turn, Willow is willing to defend her when need be.

When lecturing Gus, Willow refers to Luz as "our best friend".

Luz and Willow have an incredibly close friendship, almost sisterly, and always jump to one another's defense when they need to. Regardless, Luz does occasionally make rash decisions in efforts to try and help Willow, even when she doesn't ask her to, such as in "Understanding Willow" when she leaves her childhood picture of her and Amity out on display as part of a "shenanigan" to make them friends again, and in "Wing It Like Witches" when she challenges Boscha to a Grudgby match in Willow's name after she persistently tormented her, despite Willow having never played and Luz pushing her and Gus too hard in preparation. However, on both occasions, Willow acknowledges and appreciates that Luz's intentions were good and bears no ill will towards her for her efforts.

Luz cherishes Willow as a friend and is always quick to remind her of her best attributes whenever she doubts herself, such as in "Hooty's Moving Hassle" when she encourages her to save them and Gus from falling from a cliff by saying that, after Eda, Willow is the strongest witch she knows. Luz is also always willing to jump into the fray whenever Willow's well-being is at risk, such as going into her mind to repair her memory in "Understanding Willow" and offering to take Willow's torment from Boscha unto herself to spare her from any more, putting even her own life at risk. Once Willow's memory is restored in the former episode, Luz welcomes her back with an eager hug, stating that "[she'd] hug her so hard, she'd never forget [Luz] again".

In "Eclipse Lake", Willow helps to tend to Luz while she is sick with the Common Mold, even making soup for her.

Gus Porter

Willow and Gus in "Hooty's Moving Hassle".

After Willow's friendship with Amity was strained, Gus became her only true friend until Luz came along. Willow enjoys hanging out with Gus, open to hearing his interests in human culture. Willow does not always agree with Gus on everything and shows disapproval when he lies to Luz about her ban being lifted.

In "Eclipse Lake", Willow works along with Gus and Hooty to take care of Luz when she gets sick with the Common Mold.

Amity Blight

Willow and Amity in "Understanding Willow".

Amity used to be Willow's friend until she stopped hanging out with her when she got her witch powers and Willow didn't. Due to their strained relationship, Amity often mocks her, often leaving her seething in anger. She wants to prove Amity wrong, and that she is a strong witch in her own right. In "Understanding Willow", all of this changes when Amity is confronted by Willow's conscience, her "inner Willow" in her mind. After feeling all the guilt, Amity reveals why she stopped being friends with Willow. Her parents didn't want a Blight being friends with a witch who hadn't gotten her powers yet. They threatened to make sure Willow would never get into Hexside and they forced her to be friends with their coworkers' children, who were mean to her, to keep up their reputation. Amity and Willow have since made up, and while not quite friends again, they are no longer enemies.

In "Wing It Like Witches" it is implied that Willow had figured out that Amity has gained a crush on Luz, but as of yet hasn't done anything with that information, and even before she and Amity began to mend their friendship, Willow appeared to have nothing against Luz being friends with Amity.

In "Eclipse Lake", on Amity's orders, Willow helped to gather items while Luz was sick with the Common Mold. Although she doesn't say anything about Amity now being Luz's girlfriend, it can be assumed Willow supports their relationship.

In "Follies at the Coven Day Parade", when Amity pays Willow a visit, there's some initial awkwardness between them, as it had been a while since they spent any time together on their own. After Amity tells her about Luz lying about going to the Human Realm and the message on her phone, Willow decides to give her advice in exchange for her braiding her hair. While Amity expresses how glad she is that she and Willow can start being friends again, she looks down, implying that she hasn't completely forgotten the years of bullying.


Willow had first heard about Hunter when she and Gus were told by Luz about their encounter in Latissa. The two were properly introduced when Willow sees Hunter flying on his staff while avoiding Viney's pet griffin, Puddles. Willow, impressed by Hunter's flying skill, calls out to him, and he tries to escape, but she promptly ties him up with vines and brings him back to her. She eagerly asks him if he wants to join her Flyer Derby team, and introduces herself and Gus to him. Not wanting to reveal his identity, Hunter introduces himself as Caleb, and comes up with a fake backstory. He goes on to say that he's not here to play sports, as he's on a mission. Willow hands him a pamphlet before he walks away, and after seeing the phrase "best and brightest" on it, Hunter immediately turns around and asks Willow if she really thinks her club will attract the best witches, which she confirms, saying that the sport is not suitable for the faint ones. Hunter then agrees to give it a try, and asks how are the members being evaluated, naming a few extreme tests as possibilities. Willow denies those will be used, but then says that Hunter could use his skills to attract new members. Eventually, three new members join the team: Gus, Skara, and Viney.

Originally, upon looking at the new members' skillset and attitude, Hunter walks away angrily, thinking they are lousy. Willow asks him to give them a chance, as he just met them, and he retorts that where he came from, even chances need to be earned. When Hunter walks away again, she ties his feet up and brings him to the playing field, where the new members are now demonstrating their positive attitude and skills after warming up. Willow pops up from the ground and informs Hunter about the members' strong suits, explaining that all the members including her had all been misjudged before in their lives. Willow then proceeds to ask Hunter if he still thinks they are pathetic, and he shakes his head, ashamed. During the match, the two are shown to work well together, and after the match, Hunter comes up with the team name "Emerald Entrails", as their team color is green and there's more to them than people think. The other members like the name and chants it, and Willow proceeds to take a selfie with every team member. After Hunter reveals his true identity as the Golden Guard, much to everyone's surprise, Willow hesitantly asks Hunter if he is the person Luz talked about, which he confirms, before proceeding to change into his Golden Guard outfit. Right then, multiple Coven Scouts appear and surround the team.

Later, the team are brought to a police precinct and locked up in a cell. After the rest of the team voices their objections to being forced to join the Emperor's Coven. Hunter then asks Willow if she's on his side. But she doesn't directly reply back, and only blames herself for getting the team into trouble because she made a bad call, calling herself half-a-witch Willow. Later, after the team initially escapes an airship but are cornered by Darius, Hunter rushes forward to protect them. He goes on to call the members insolent agitators who aren't fit to be in the Emperor's Coven, and gives Darius his cape back, saying that he doesn’t deserve to wear the sigil either. Hunter then turns around and begs Willow to leave with the members, with Willow realizing that he's trying to protect them, so she does. Afterwards, she, along with the other team members, find out Hunter set up a Penstagram account, and laugh about how slow his typing is.

Powers and abilities

  • Magic: Willow is adept in magic. Like many witches, her connection to magic comes from a sac of magic bile that is attached to her heart.
    • Plant magic: Willow has powerful plant-based magic, which usually manifests as green, thorny vines around her. In fits of intense emotion, like rage, she is shown to be able to use her magic without making a spell circle, indicated by her eyes glowing green when using her magic in this state. She uses her magic to help plants and can make a tiny seed sprout into a colossal vine. She can also control plants with her magic, summon them from the ground, turn them into monstrous versions of themselves, and use them to grab and restrain others. She also can use plants to travel through the ground.
    • Water magic: Willow uses this type of magic to water her plants.
    • Abomination magic: Prior to joining the plant track, Willow was in the abomination track and likely has limited knowledge on abomination magic. However, her skills were mediocre which led to her being labelled "Half-a-witch Willow".
  • Plant knowledge: Willow has vast knowledge on monstrous plants of the Boiling Isles and how to take care of them, and is capable of handling them even without her magic.
  • Grudgby proficiency: Willow is shown to be relatively skilled at grudgby, though she only played one match after Luz challenged Boscha in order to defend Willow's honor, and later turned down an offer to join the Banshees.
  • Flyer derby: Willow is very enthusiastic about flyer derby, and went on to start Hexside's first team, the Emerald Entrails, along with Gus, Skara, Viney, and temporarily Hunter.


Behind the scenes

Name and basis

The name "Willow" relates to a type of slender tree with long draping foliage and a lot of spiritual and historical significance in a number of cultures. Her name being a reference to a plant might allude to her plant track at Hexside.

Park is a Korean surname, and derives from Bak (박) meaning "Gourd." Park is also an English word that refers to spots of nature devoted to recreation and preservation. Both meanings could be referring to her placement in the plant track.


Willow is voiced by Tati Gabrielle.


Willow debuted in the episode, "I Was a Teenage Abomination".

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Arelys González
Brazil Portuguese (Brazil) Agatha Paulita
Hong Kong Cantonese Chen Xue Ying (陳雪瑩)
Taiwan Chinese Yang Shih-Ying (楊詩穎)
Germany German Maresa Sedlmeir
Denmark Danish Özlem Saglanmak
Spain Spanish Nagore Germes
France French Helena Coppeljans
Hungary Hungarian Pekár Adrienn
Israel Hebrew Einat Azulay (עינת אזולאי)
Italy Italian Marta Filippi
Japan Japanese Ayaka Nanase (七瀬 彩夏)
South Korea Korean Yang Jeong-hwa (양정화)
Malaysia Malay Shireen Hj Salehuddin
Netherlands Dutch Nola Klop
Poland Polish Magdalena Kaczmarek (Season 1)
Zuzanna Bernat (Season 2-Present)
Portugal Portuguese Marta Mota
Thailand Thai Rewadi Miankoet (เรวดี เมียนเกิด)
Turkey Turkish Gözde Kısa


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  • Her surname, Park, was revealed in "Wing It Like Witches".
  • Willow having two fathers was revealed in "Understanding Willow".
  • Willow has coccinellidaephobia, or the fear of ladybugs.[2]
  • According to Dana's Reddit AMA, Willow works out every morning.[7] "Follies at the Coven Day Parade" reveals that she does reps, lifting a pair of heavy-looking, round dumbbells, while in "Any Sport in a Storm", she is shown to also do sit-ups and uses plant vines to do battle ropes and jump rope exercises.
  • Willow's debut episode, "I Was a Teenage Abomination", aired on January 24, 2020. This was one day before her voice actresses', Tati Gabrielle, birthday, January 25.
  • In some developmental drawings, Willow's ears are round.
  • It is likely that Willow developed an interest in flyer derby due to both of her dads playing the sport together when they were younger.


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