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I want to be strong and wise to protect everyone I love. And if anyone gets in the way, they'll feel the sting of defeat.
—Willow stating her deepest wish, "Hunting Palismen"

Willow Park is a major supporting character of The Owl House. She is friends with Luz, Gus, and Amity and attends Hexside alongside them. She was initially part of the abomination track but has since been moved to the plant track. Willow is naturally very gifted at plant magic, but since she was forced into the abomination track which she proved far less adept with, many at Hexside assumed she was incompetent. This led to years of self-doubt that she has made great strides in overcoming.

Following the Day of Unity and the unleashing of the Collector, she was stranded in the Human Realm for months and forced to take shelter at the Noceda residence. She and her friends later returned to the Demon Realm and the Boiling Isles.



Willow is a shorter-than-average, plus-sized, stocky fair-skinned girl who has pointed ears, olive-green eyes, and short, neat navy-blue hair with a few loose strands.

Starting from the end of "Follies at the Coven Day Parade", Willow's hair has been braided into twin pigtails and has a few pale green streaks dyed into it, courtesy of Amity. After spending some time in the Human Realm, her hair has grown longer, so she then keeps it in twin braids that go past her shoulders. However, in public, she puts them in front of her ears to hide them. She later paints her nails dark brown as part of her Halloween costume.

In the epilogue of "Watching and Dreaming", Willow's hair is shown to have been cut short, still with a green streak, which she wears with a leaved headband around it. She has a cardinal tattoo (as do the rest of her friends) on her left shoulder to symbolize the loss of Flapjack.


Willow wears a pair of round gold-framed glasses and the typical Hexside student uniform, consisting of a gray tunic, a dark gray cowl and belt with a gold pin, and gray-black short-heeled shoes. Originally, her sleeves and tights were orchid as part of her enrollment in the abomination track, but after being moved to the plant track, they changed to green. Prior to "Any Sport in a Storm", the frames of her glasses were black, and she wore the standard boots of Hexside.

When not at school, Willow wears a long-sleeved yellowish-tan dress that has a blue tie with an oval chartreuse gem on it, light and dark gray striped leggings, and brown boots. As of "Clouds on the Horizon", she sports a sleeveless yellowish-tan vest over a mid-length sleeved pale green shirt with a gold button, white collar and cuffs, blue shorts, silver and slate-gray leggings, and maroon heeled boots with light blue socks underneath. She retains her blue tie but with a gold gem.

During the time skip in "Thanks to Them", Willow sports a pink sleeveless top with white shoulder straps, green shorts, blue flip-flops, and a pink butterfly hair clip. She wears several more outfits throughout her stay but has two prominent sets of clothes she wears. The first is a harvest gold shirt with a picture of a leaf with a bite mark under a green overcoat with frilled ends, high-waisted, cuffed brown pants, and heeled brown shoes. The second is a green dress with a dark brown belt on her waist, a tannish-gray jacket with a star/clover pattern and two gold buttons on the left side, pumpkin orange tights, and black flat shoes.

For Halloween night, she wears a black devil costume with bat wings, a tail, a hood with horns, and a patch with a "W" on the left sleeve, green striped tights, and black heeled boots with orange laces, which she continues wearing upon returning to the Demon Realm, minus the hood.

In the epilogue of "Watching and Dreaming", she is shown wearing two-toned green shorts, an orange tank top, and a yellow overall tank top with a green logo depicting green intestines wrapped around the letters "EE". She also wears brown spiked fingerless gloves and brown knee pad, and black, green, and yellow athletic shoes with no left sock.


S01E03 I Was A Teenage Abomination - 9

Despite Luz being a human, Willow has no problems acting kind and friendly towards her, didn't care what other witches and demons thinks about her.

Willow is described as a bubbly and friendly witch. At first, she is shown to be shy with Amity, as she calls her "Half-a-Witch Willow", and often makes fun of Willow's poor capability of creating and manipulating abominations. Despite being childhood friends with Amity, Willow grew to resent her due to her selfishness and cruelty towards her, seemingly after gaining her magical powers before Willow. To get her anger out, Willow uses plants that grow huge and grabs any physical object in her way. If she does harm somebody, she is quick to apologize to them.

Willow likes tending to plants and gets frustrated if she gets bad grades and when other students used to make fun of her, calling her "Half-A-Witch Willow".

She is now in the plant track at her school, formerly being in the abomination track which discouraged her, but with Luz's help, she showed Principal Bump that she could be in the plant track.

Understanding Willow - A1794

Though she wasn't ready to reconcile with their friendships, Willow is willing to forgive Amity for her past bullying.

When Willow understands what Amity did in her head in "Understanding Willow", she is slow to accept Amity as a friend yet but says "that it's a start", partially forgiving her.

Throughout the series, Willow has struggled with talking about her feelings, focusing on helping her friends with their problems, and avoiding her own as a result. When she's unable to help Hunter open up after Flapjack's death and is put down by Boscha once more, she loses control of her magic and falls back into her self-loathing mindset, Hunter and Gus encourage her to be open with them and once she does, she is able to regain control of her powers.


Early life

Understanding Willow 28

Willow with her best friend, Amity.

Willow Park was raised by her fathers, Gilbert and Harvey,[7] and was a close childhood friend of Amity Blight;[8] much of her fondest memories often had Amity in them. However, Willow's magical powers developed later than her friend's, and because the Blight family only associated with the strongest witches, Amity's parents disapproved of their youngest daughter's friendship with her and threatened to keep Willow out of Hexside if the two were still friends. Left with little choice, Amity ends her friendship with Willow, claiming that she is too weak to be her friend. After that encounter, Willow grew to resent Amity, not knowing that Alador and Odalia Blight were to blame.[7]

Half-a-witch Willow

S01E03 - 15

Amity patronizing Willow.

Despite being gifted at plant magic, Willow's fathers enrolled her into Hexside's abomination track because of the opportunities the track provided. Unfortunately, due to her bad grades and inability to make a proper abomination, Willow detested her school life and was nicknamed "Half-a-witch Willow" by her classmates. It also didn't help that her former best friend, Amity, was the top student in her class and a mean-spirited bully. At one point, Willow met and befriended Augustus Porter after calming him down from a stress-induced illusion of his own making.[2] In the present day, she's convinced she is bound to fail her next assignment, but a friendly human named Luz Noceda meets her. Luz decides to help her by acting as her abomination; in return, Willow has to take her to see Hexside.

S01E03 I Was A Teenage Abomination - 17

Luz acting as Willow's abomination.

After introducing Luz to Gus, Willow goes to her abomination class and presents a goo-covered Luz as her abomination. She not only gets an A+ for her assignment but also receives the top student badge worn by Amity. However, the latter begins to suspect foul play and angrily warns Willow that she intends to get the badge back. Willow is cautious of Amity, and she is almost caught when she catches Luz eating a sandwich during lunch. Because abominations don't eat, Amity thinks she has caught her red-handed, but she is instead sent to Principal Bump's office.

S01E03 I Was A Teenage Abomination - 28

Willow transfers to the plant track.

At first, it seems like Luz and Willow will leave Hexside without getting caught, but Principal Bump, accompanied by Amity, wishes to see Willow's "abomination" for himself. Just as Willow is forced to start dissecting a still-living Luz, Gus manages to distract the principal long enough for the two to escape. Principal Bump seals off all the exits of the school and Willow is left feeling helpless, unable to help her new human friend escape. Luz, however, gives her a few encouraging words and pulls out a greasy slime ball from her pocket, and Willow realizes that the slime ball is a seed. Using her plant magic, she manages to dismember the abominations chasing her and restrain Bump, leaving only Amity to deal with. Willow helps Luz escape while she holds off the bully, knowing that her getting detention will be more favorable to Luz getting dissected. However, instead of detention, Principal Bump is impressed with Willow's plant magic proficiency, and he transfers her over to the plant track. She goes to the Owl House to show off her new uniform, and when it is revealed that Luz is banned from Hexside, Willow offers to teach the human what she learned at school.[9]

Adventures with Luz and Gus

S01E05 Covention (90)

King, Eda, Luz, Willow, and Gus attending a covention.

On the day of the annual convention, Willow and Gus show up to Eda's stand and show Luz a poster for the event. Though Eda is against her apprentice attending the event, she is forced to go after King and Luz torments her with The Good Witch Azura. In the convention center, Willow and Gus explain the various covens to Luz before excitedly entering the panel of the Emperor's Coven, where they witness a grand presentation announced by Principal Bump and Lilith Clawthorne. Willow and Gus are among the spectators during the duel between Luz and Amity, and later, Eda and Lilith.[10]

S01E06 Hooty's Moving Hassle (286)

Willow, Luz, and Gus animating the Owl House.

A few days later, Amity invites all her friends to an annual Moonlight Conjuring, except for Willow. Both Willow and Gus are upset about the news, but Luz offers to have their own Moonlight Conjuring with Eda's permission. Unfortunately, Eda refuses. Unable to bring her friends the bad news, Luz sneaks Willow and Gus into the Owl House later that night while Eda leaves for the Night Market. Since this is the trio's first time in a Moonlight Conjuring, they decide, at Gus' request, to animate an action figure. However, the trio unknowingly animate the Owl House instead. The trio realizes they can control the Owl House's movement with lunar magic and go for a short joyride, scaring Boscha in the process. Luz then suggests to the trio that they should return the house, but Willow and Gus urge their human friend to show off to Amity. Suddenly, the Owl House is captured by demon hunters, and the trio gets thrown over a cliff. While precariously hanging from a branch, Willow apologizes for letting Amity get to her and admits that she was once friends with her. Luz assures Willow that she too is a powerful witch and that animating a house was no small feat. Regaining her confidence, Willow uses her plant magic to free herself and her friends, fight off the hunters, and save the Owl House. The three manage to return the house to its original location, and when Luz is about to get punished by Eda, Willow, and Gus take responsibility for egging the human on. Their punishment is to clean the house.[8]

When Gus attempts to sneak Luz into Hexside, Willow is cautious about the idea due to the banned posters.[11]

Willow's memories

Understanding Willow 41

Willow after Amity inadvertently damages her memories.

Willow never let go of the resentment she held towards Amity, and the true extent of her anger would be felt by Luz and Amity herself. After the latter accidentally burns all of Willow's memories, she and Luz go into Willow's mindscape in order to find Inner Willow and repair the extensive damage done to said memories. While there, the two encounter Inner Willow, who tries to destroy Amity after showing them the birthday party that ended their friendship. However, Amity reveals the truth, showing Willow that her parents forced her to cut ties with her. Amity then vows to make sure Boscha and her gang never bully her again. Willow is well aware of what Amity did in her mindscape, and while the two have much to do to mend their relationship, they still forgive each other on more amiable terms from this point forward.[7]

Grom night

On Hexside's annual Grom Night, she attends the dance and inspects the fallen sludge of Grometheus the Fear Bringer with Gus. Upon poking it, the sludge turns into a ladybug, causing her to recoil in fear. She watches as Gus also touches it, and a clown emerges from it, which makes Gus run away screaming.

Playing grudgby

Wing it like witches 2

Willow, Luz, and Amity playing grudgby against Boscha and her teammates.

As the grudgby season starts, Willow and her friends are bullied mercilessly by Boscha, the captain of the school grudgby team. Eventually, after Boscha dumps trash on Willow, Luz becomes angered and challenges Boscha and her friends to a game of grudgby, which Willow never played in her life. While Boscha accepts this instantly, Willow is extremely hesitant. She and Gus explain the sport to Luz, and they train but show little potential. Feeling too pressured, and with Gus' prized flags being broken, an upset Willow quits. However, she changes her mind after Amity tells her that Luz is taking the brunt of Boscha's torment, and the three decide to avoid calling off the match, playing with Boscha, Skara, and Amelia. Willow's team plays well and seemingly wins, but loses when Boscha catches the Rusty Smidge. Despite the loss and Boscha's bitterness, she earns the respect of the other Banshees.[12]

Sneaking into the castle

Bad news

Willow and Gus informing Eda of Luz's capture.

When Willow and her schoolmates travel to the Emperor's Castle for a field trip, she and Gus sneak away to help Luz take the Healing Hat, which would cure Eda of her curse. They find the room where the artifacts of each coven are kept, and Willow becomes intrigued by the Green Thumb Gauntlet, the artifact of the Plant Coven. However, their presence is detected by Emperor Belos, and shortly after, Lilith captures them. While she takes Luz hostage, she forces Willow and Gus to tell Eda of the situation.[13]

After Eda is captured by Lilith when her curse takes over her, Willow and Gus watch in horror before rallying the crowd into protesting Eda's petrification. She and Gus then watch Luz rescue Lilith, Eda, and King from being petrified, and Belos announces that Eda has been let go per the will of the Titan.[14]

Unjust expulsion

Escaping Expulsion - 094

Amity, Luz, Willow, and Gus are shocked to learn the latter three have been expelled.

A couple of weeks later, Willow, Gus, and Amity welcome Luz back to Hexside, However, the reunion doesn't last long, as Amity's parents force Principal Bump to expel Luz, Gus, and Willow for supposedly distracting Amity. They try to sneak back into school in vain, only making Bump more continually upset. Eventually, Willow's fathers find out about her expulsion and drag her home, where they decide3 to homeschool her. Later that night, Gus and Amity inform her that they need her in order to rescue Luz from potentially being killed at the Blight Industries demonstration, and with a little help from one of her fathers, Willow is able to sneak away. On the grounds of Blight Industries Edric and Emira disguise the three with cloaks, and they infiltrate the warehouse. While Amity is able to elude capture, Willow and Gus are restrained. After Amity saves Luz and gets her mother to stop the demonstration, she, Luz, Willow, and Gus leave and are allowed back into Hexside.[15]

Receiving her palisman

Hunting Palismen - 230

Willow getting Clover as her palisman.

Sometime afterward, Willow would be met with a pixie problem, which Gus would attempt to help with by casting illusions to distract them. However, this instead angered the pixies, causing them to attack Willow. Gus later conjures miniature "Get Well Soon" illusions of himself. Willow thanks Gus, but asks him to take the overbearing illusions back.[16] Sometime after Willow's recovery, she would attend the Bat Queen's Palisman Adoption day alongside her fellow students. When the students of Hexside gather to get their own palisman, she goes first after Boscha criticizes the palismen as secondhand. After stating that she wants to be strong to protect those she cares about, she gets her own palisman, Clover. Boscha then pushes Willow out of the way to get her own palisman.[17]

Taking care of Luz

When Luz catches the Common Mold, Willow helps look after her and reinforces the Owl House's defense. After learning that an ingredient needed to make the portal door, Titan's Blood, might be at Eclipse Lake, she stays behind to care for Luz with Gus and Hooty while Amity, Eda, and King get the blood. She and the others get so distracted arguing about how to care for Luz that they do not hear her calling her for help. They bring her soup shortly before the others return.[18]

Coven Day Parade

Follies at the Coven Day Parade - 417

Willow and Amity beginning to bond again.

After Luz has a semi-successful attempt at building a new portal, she does not tell Willow or their other friends about the experience and they soon theorize about what Belos looks like behind his mask. Later that day, Amity comes to Willow's house for advice on what she should do with Luz, sensing that she is lying about what really happened with the portal, but not wanting to invade Luz's privacy over the matter. Willow agrees to help, but only if Amity braids her hair. When the Emperor reveals his face during the Coven Day Parade, Willow and Gus are underwhelmed by his appearance.[19]

Flyer derby

Any Sport in a Storm - 392

Willow and her team get ready to face off against the Abomination students.

When Willow is trying to start up a flyer derby club at school, Gus helps her despite the resistance she faces from Professor Hermonculus as retaliation for transferring out of his class. They resolve this by proposing a match between their teams, with Hermonculus dead set on proving that Willow is a failure. They see a new student evading Puddles, and Willow asks him if he wants to join her team, to which he agrees. After Willow leaves, Gus tells the student, who introduces himself as Caleb, to not hurt Willow.

Emerald Entrails S2E13

Willow and her team get ready to face off against the Abomination students.

After recruiting Skara and Viney for the match, they play against the Professor's team of abomination students and emerge victorious due to the efforts of Caleb. Caleb, in their victory, states that they should be called the Emerald Entrails, but also reveals they should join the Emperor's Coven, exposing himself as the Golden Guard, shocking him and the others. Just then, Coven Scouts arrive and take the Entrails into a holding cell until Darius can take them to get branded. The four students go with the head of the Abomination Coven when Hunter arrives to save them, causing the blimp they are in to crash and convincing Darius to let them leave. After Gus and the other students leave, Darius reveals that the Emperor's Coven has enough recruits anyway and that he is going to drop them off at Hexside. On the way back, Willow and the others run into Luz and Amity, who are shocked to find Hunter in the Emerald Entrails group photo.[20]

Day of Unity

Labyrinth Runners - 351

Willow and Amity concerned over Belos' coven mandate for witches of all ages.

With a week until the Day of Unity, Willow checks the Owl House to find it swarming with Coven Scouts. That day at school, the head of the Illusion Coven, Adrian Graye Vernworth, comes to Hexside, informing the students that Belos wants all young witches branded before the Day of Unity, also claiming that he will give them fake ones for protection. However, Gus sees through the ruse and reveals that Adrian is tricking them into being branded. When the Coven Head, who has brought Coven Scouts with him, is about to give Gus an abomination sigil, the boy creates a labyrinth-like illusion across the school that allows the students to escape. As Willow and Amity run through the halls, Amity learns everyone is in the healing homeroom, and she and Willow try to get there. Willow attempts to prove her strength to Amity by taking on the Coven Scouts in the corridor, but Amity wipes them all out, much to her frustration.

Labyrinth Runners - 960

Willow proving to Amity how capable she truly is.

When they are close to the classroom, Willow demonstrates her strength and tells Amity that she can fend for herself before Bump signals for the girls to come inside. Eventually, Hunter arrives in the room, informing everyone that Adrian has captured Gus, but the students are skeptical. When Hunter demonstrates a breathing technique, Willow realizes that he is not lying, as she taught that same technique to Gus when they first met. The students and faculty make their way to the gym, where Adrian is holding Gus, and take out the Coven Scouts. Willow and Amity work in tandem to take out the captain. They enter the gym to find Adrian and two scouts trapped in their worst memories and watch as Hunter calms Gus down. After the scouts leave with a vegetative Adrian, Willow and the others listen as Hunter reveals the truth about the Day of Unity.[2]

Clouds on the Horizon - 1632

Willow and her friends about to take on Kikimora.

Hours before the Day of Unity is set to begin, Willow and Gus go with Hunter to help Luz free the Blight children. After freeing the three, they head to Blight Industries to warn Alador and Odalia of the truth, and while the twins separate from them, Gus disguises the others as Coven Scouts. Things go smoothly until Kikimora, who is at the factory to take the last shipment of Abomatons, hears Hunter's voice, in addition to Odalia finding the children attempting to infiltrate Alador's quarters. Willow, Gus, Hunter, Luz, and Amity are placed in a forcefield, but Alador frees them and tries to warn his wife about the Draining Spell, only for him to fight her soon after learning she already knew. When Kikimora attacks the teenagers, Willow prepares to take her and the Abomatron out with plant vines but is forced to halt her attack after Kikimora uses Hunter as leverage against her. Soon, Kikimora takes Hunter and flies off as Alador destroys the factory. After Odalia retreats, the six commandeer the airship Kikimora brought and, as they are about to take off, Luz is revealed to be Hunter under the effects of Gus' illusions. Gus reveals that Luz told him to disguise her and Hunter as each other so that she would be taken to Belos rather than Hunter.[21]

King's Tide (1545)

Willow restraining Belos.

As they move towards the head, tensions flare, and Gus, Hunter, Amity, and Alador argue. Willow notions for the help of her palisman, Clover, who has the other palismen provide everyone with food, allowing them to take a break. However, the airship is soon attacked by Coven Scouts, and when Hunter is sent free-falling to the ground, Willow catches him on her staff. Eventually, the Coven Scouts damaged the airship beyond repair, causing a crash landing. While Alador stays behind to fight off the Abomatons, the children approach the head of the Titan. After checking on the Coven Heads, they fly to the portal and help Luz fight Belos, who has transformed into his monster form. Just as Belos gets the upper hand, the Collector saves the kids, smashes Belos against a wall, and ends the eclipse to stop the Draining Spell.

King's Tide (2541)

Willow and her friends arriving at Luz's house.

However, it is not without another consequence, as the Collector wishes to play "Owl House" with them. As they deconstruct the quarters and matter around the Titan's head, Willow and the others head through the portal to the Human Realm, seeing no other option left. Luz wishes to stay behind and rescue Eda, but King forces her through with his sonic shout. On Earth, the portal door closes, leaving the kids stranded with copious amounts of rain pouring around them. Luz then takes Willow and the others to her house, where they meet Camila for the first time.[22]

Time on Earth

Thanks to Them - 260

Willow and Amity after destroying the alarm clock.

Camila welcomes her and the others into her home and invites them to stay as long as they need as she listens to their tale. Willow and Amity are placed with Vee and Luz in Luz's room while Gus and Hunter are placed in the basement. As Vee shows her and Amity an alarm clock, the witches misunderstand and destroy the clock, with Willow summoning a vine through the floor of a second-story room.

Thanks to Them - 503

Willow cutting Hunter's hair.

In the months that follow, Willow and the other displaced Boiling Isles residents adjust to life in the Human Realm, with her taking up photography as a hobby. She and her friends make multiple failed attempts to return home. One day, she walks past the bathroom to find Hunter frantically cutting his hair and she helps him neaten it up.

Thanks to Them - 937

Willow and her friends finding a clue to get home.

Shortly before Halloween, she, Amity, Gus, Vee, and Hunter are practicing Spanish in the Old House when Camila says she is going to pick up Luz from school. After Camila leaves, Amity suggests they need to do more to get home and Willow misinterprets the group helping out more around the house. After Amity gives a speech on the five looking for a way back without Luz, Amity trips in a hole Flapjack made and finds in the hole a map with pictures that the group decides to decipher. The following day, she, Amity, Vee, and Gus disguise themselves as humans and head into town, with Hunter staying due to him cosplaying as a character from Cosmic Frontier. She briefly flirts with him before leaving.

Thanks to Them - 1926

Willow, Amity, Gus, and Vee after multiple dead ends in deciphering their map.

The group searches the town for answers, even confronting a giraffe, but find nothing. After excusing their resources, Vee reluctantly suggests going to the Gravesfield Historical Society. She checks on Vee before entering, having heard of Jacob Hopkins from Luz, and they enter to find that Jacob has been fired and one of Vee's friends, Masha is now working there. Masha explains how their map is really a rebus before going to answer the phone. As they look around the exhibits, Willow, Amity, and Gus realize the rebus is leading them to Titan's Blood and, after taking a picture in front of a map, Vee realizes the blood is in Old Gravesfield. Amity then suggests they surprise Luz with the knowledge at the Gravesfield Halloween Festival and spend the rest of the night working on their costumes.

Thanks to Them - 2916

Willow and her friends listening to the legend of the Wittebane brothers.

At the Halloween Festival, Willow, Hunter, Amity, Luz, and Gus walk around until they come to the Haunted Hayride. The five listen as Masha tells them about the legend of the Wittebane brothers as she and her friends listen with unease. After the ride she, Amity, and Gus lose track of Hunter and Luz as Amity realizes the rebus is missing. Soon, Camila and Vee arrive and the group track the two down to an abandoned graveyard to find Hunter possessed by Belos and he reveals how Luz helped him meet the Collector. She, Amity, and Willow fight back when Belos attacks them and distract him as Vee tries to drain Belos from Hunter. However, he easily subdues them all and tosses Luz aside before breaking Flapjack.

Thanks to Them - 4228

Willow and the others concerned over Hunter.

Fortunately, Hunter regains control and throws the vial of blood into the water. He loses consciousness and Camila dives in to save him. Willow cradles his head as Belos leaves Hunter and uses the blood to open a portion. When Belos leaves, Willow is on the verge of tears when Hunter is still out cold and is surprised to learn he is a grimwalker. She and the others watch as Flapjack sacrifices himself and Hunter wakes up. Willow and the others tell Luz they do not blame her for the Day of Unity and she, Gus, Hunter, Amity, Luz, and Camila go through the portal and into the Demon Realm.

Returning to the Demon Realm

For the Future - 526

Willow happy to see the red grass of the Demon Realm again.

Upon returning to the Boiling Isles, Willow is overjoyed to see the familiar flora, which greet her after Gus creates an illusion. At Hunter's insistence, they keep moving and find most of the Boiling Isles covered in pink mist. They go to The Owl House to find it coated in graffiti from the Emperor's Coven. As Hunter scouts the property and Luz and Amity talk upstairs, Camila speaks with her and Gus in the kitchen about how to talk Luz out of making a bad decision. After telling Camila about the time she stopped Gus from running away after failing a project because he thought he let his dad down, Gus starts to cry as Willow comforts him. As Willow and Gus go to check on Hunter, Camila asks her if she is alright, to which she lies that she is fine and walks away with plants growing where she steps. Soon, Hunter informs everyone he saw King flying on a shooting star, heading towards Bonesborough.

For the Future - 1256

Willow chasing after one of her dads, being held back by Hunter.

When they arrive in town, they find it abandoned and avoid a wave of sparkles that comes their way. When it passes, multiple puppets of the town's residence appear. Willow sees Gilbert and runs towards him, asking where Harvey is. Hunter stops her and they hide. Soon "Eda" appears in her owl beast form and the puppets run. They watch as the Collector and King arrive and "save" the citizens. Soon it is revealed that Eda was actually Terra Snapdragon, who was turned into a puppet after, angering the Collector. As the Collector and King fly off, Luz decides to go after them before they are found by Skara, Barcus, and Mattholomule.

For the Future - 2922

Willow getting furious at Boscha for trying to offer her advice after bullying her for years.

The group is brought to Hexside where they learn the staff and a few of the students were turned into puppets and the remaining students have been hiding in the school since then. Viney hugs Willow and tells her some of her plants have become sentient and gone to war with the kindergartners. After learning Boscha has assumed control of the school, they ask her for help in facing the Collector, but she rejects them after her adviser, Miki, says doing so would end in disaster. After failing to find support, they head to the photo lab to find the memory Luz has of Philip creating the teleportation glyph combo. After finding a picture of Hunter and Flapjack, she hands it to him. However, Hunter is upset by the photo and Willow leaves. As she walks off, she runs into Boscha, who insults her. Willow retorts back before Miki, really Kikimora in disguise, arrives and puts her to sleep with Sleeping Nettle.

For the Future - 3959

Willow letting out her frustrations as she breaks down into tears.

Willow wakes up in a cavern where Hunter and Gus find her. However, due to the stress she is containing and Boscha's words lingering in her mind, Willow loses control of her powers and almost kills Gus and Hunter. As she tries to fix it, Willow eventually gives in to Boscha's words until Hunter, who was gifted with Flapjack's teleportation powers when resurrected, breaks free and tells Willow it is okay to rely on others for support. She breaks down into tears and cries for her fathers when Hunter teleports her and Gus out of the cavern. They inform him of his powers as Luz, whose palisman is forming, unintentionally unleashes an energy blast.

For the Future - 4112

Willow taking on Kikimora.

Soon, Kikimora arrives and she and the others fight her as Luz draws the glyph combo. When the students of Hexside arrive to help them out, she, Gus, and Amity help Luz and they teleport to the Head. As they celebrate their victory, Luz introduces the group to her palisman, Stringbean. She thanks Hunter for snapping her out of her funk and they interlock pinkies. Unbeknownst to them, the Collector is watching them.[23]

The Final Battle

Watching and Dreaming - 703

Willow and the others after being collected.

Suddenly, the platform they are on begins to shake and she, Camila, Amity, Gus, and Hunter are separated from Luz and turned into puppets. Willow, Amity, Hunter, and Gus' puppets are used to torment Luz in a dream, manipulated into blaming her for everything. However, Luz snaps them out of it and they are brought to the Archive House.

Watching and Dreaming - 1870

Willow and the others in the Archives.

After being placed in the Archives, Amity manages to move and creates a light glyph to free her and the others. They look around to find everyone they know as puppets. After Luz sacrifices herself, they watch as Camila returns to normal. As Belos possesses the Titan, she and the other teenagers try and fail to utilize their magic as they are exhausted and Camila gives them a pep talk.

Watching and Dreaming - 3641

Willow saving Amity from falling debris using a fire glyph.

After Luz is resurrected and fights Belos with King and Eda, she, Hunter, Gus, and Amity use glyphs drawn by Camila to save the puppets. As the Archive House starts to fall, they watch in amazement as the Collector helps hold it in place.

Watching and Dreaming - 4621

Willow joyfully reunites with her fathers after months apart.

When Belos is defeated, she and the others thank the Collector for helping and they work with him to revert the citizens of the Boiling Isles to normal. Afterward, Hunter helps Willow find her dads. Upon seeing them, she jumps in their arms and watches as her fathers share a kiss.


Watching and Dreaming - 5104

Willow picking up Hunter for the celebration.

In the four years that follow, Willow continues to play flyer derby and has entered a relationship with Hunter. She and Hunter collect their friends to surprise Luz with a delayed quinceañera. As they watch the Collector put on a light show, she is pulled in by Hunter for a half hug and they watch as they embrace each other.


Luz Noceda

S01E03 I Was A Teenage Abomination - 27

Luz and Willow in "I Was a Teenage Abomination".

Willow met Luz when she was on the way to school and was immediately fascinated that a human was on the Boiling Isles. Having seen and heard her dilemma, Luz decides to help by posing as her abomination, earning Willow the title of top student from her rival, Amity Blight. Willow later helps Luz escape from Hexside, and despite Luz's banishment from academy grounds, they remain close friends. Whenever Willow is angry or sad, Luz does her best to raise her spirits, and in turn, Willow is willing to defend her when needed. When lecturing Gus, Willow refers to Luz as "our best friend".

Luz and Willow have an incredibly close friendship, almost sisterly, and always jump to one another's defense when they need to. Regardless, Luz does occasionally make rash decisions in efforts to try and help Willow, even when she doesn't ask her to, such as in "Understanding Willow" when she leaves her childhood picture of her and Amity out on display as part of a "shenanigan" to make them friends again, and in "Wing It Like Witches" when she challenges Boscha to a grudgby match in Willow's name after she persistently tormented her, despite Willow having never played and Luz pushing her and Gus too hard in preparation. However, on both occasions, Willow acknowledges and appreciates that Luz's intentions were good and bears no ill will towards her for her efforts.

Luz cherishes Willow as a friend and is always quick to remind her of her best attributes whenever she doubts herself, such as in "Hooty's Moving Hassle" when she encourages her to save them and Gus from falling from a cliff by saying that, after Eda, Willow is the strongest witch she knows. Luz is also always willing to jump into the fray whenever Willow's well-being is at risk, such as going into her mind to repair her memory in "Understanding Willow" and offering to take Willow's torment from Boscha unto herself to spare her from any more, putting even her own life at risk. Once Willow's memory is restored in the former episode, Luz welcomes her back with an eager hug, stating that "[she'd] hug her so hard, she'd never forget [Luz] again".

In "Eclipse Lake", Willow helps to tend to Luz while she is sick with the Common Mold, even making soup for her.

In "For the Future", Willow recalls when Luz mentioned her not saying anything about shenanigans.

Gus Porter

Thanks to Them - 973

Willow and Gus in "Thanks to Them".

After Willow's friendship with Amity was strained, she was left without friends until she met Gus several years later at Hexside. Willow enjoys hanging out with him, open to hearing his interests in human culture. Willow does not always agree with Gus on everything and shows disapproval when he lies to Luz about her ban being lifted.

In "Eclipse Lake", Willow works along with Gus and Hooty to take care of Luz when she gets sick with the Common Mold.

In "Labyrinth Runners", Willow was shown in a flashback to have taught Gus a breathing technique to help him deal with his anxieties after the two of them met while hiding in a classroom at Hexside.

Amity Blight

Labyrinth Runners - 1612

Willow and Amity working together to take down the coven scouts in "Labyrinth Runners".

Amity used to be Willow's friend until she stopped hanging out with her when she got her witch powers and Willow didn't. Due to their strained relationship, Amity often taunts her, often leaving her seething in anger. She wants to prove Amity wrong, and that she is a strong witch in her own right. In "Understanding Willow", all of this changes when Amity is confronted by Willow's conscience, her "inner Willow" in her mind. After feeling all the guilt, Amity reveals why she stopped being friends with Willow. Her parents didn't want a Blight being friends with a witch who hadn't gotten her powers yet. They threatened to make sure Willow would never get into Hexside and they forced her to be friends with their coworkers' children, who were mean to her, to keep up their reputation. Amity and Willow have since forgiven each other and made amends, and while not quite friends again, they are no longer enemies.

In "Wing It Like Witches", it is implied that Willow had figured out that Amity has gained a crush on Luz, but as of yet hasn't done anything with that information, and even before she and Amity began to mend their friendship, Willow appeared to have nothing against Luz being friends with Amity.

In "Eclipse Lake", on Amity's orders, Willow helped to gather items while Luz was sick with the Common Mold. Although she doesn't say anything about Amity now being Luz's girlfriend, it can be assumed Willow supports their relationship.

In "Follies at the Coven Day Parade", when Amity visits Willow, there's some initial awkwardness between them, as it had been a while since they spent any time together on their own. After Amity tells her about Luz lying about going to the Human Realm and the message on her phone, Willow decides to give her advice in exchange for her braiding her hair. While Amity expresses how glad she is that she and Willow can start being friends again, she looks down, implying that she hasn't completely forgotten the years of bullying.

In "Labyrinth Runners", after the failed attempt of the head of the Illusion Coven forcing students to be branded with sigils, they run away together and Amity keeps defending her, much to Willow's annoyance as she can protect herself. After Amity understands this the two work in tandem to subdue a Coven Scout. After the events at Hexside, Hunter explains the Day of Unity to the group of students, including Willow and Amity, and the two hold hands due to them being frightened of what is to come of the Day of Unity.


For the Future - 4482

During "For the Future", Willow says to Hunter: "You mean a lot to me, too".

Willow had heard about Luz's encounters with Hunter prior to meeting him, and they properly met during Hexside's Club Fair, while Willow was trying to start Hexside's first flyer derby team and Hunter was on an undercover mission to find new recruits for the Emperor's Coven. While scoping out students at the Club Fair, Hunter accidentally startles Puddles, who chases him through the air within sight of Willow's stand. She had been struggling to find enough players for her flyer derby team--witnessing Hunter outplaying Puddles with such strong flying skills impresses and excites Willow so much that she drags him toward her with plant magic, cheerfully introducing herself. At Flapjack's suggestion, Hunter introduces himself with Caleb's first name, not knowing its origins. He bluntly declines Willow's offer to join her team. Willow then hands him her team's pamphlet, which claims that the team will attract the best and the brightest witches--exactly the kind of recruits Hunter is looking for.

He decides to give the team a chance, and Willow asks him to help her attract new members with a display of his skills. Two new members join the team: Skara and Viney. Originally, upon looking at the new members' skillsets and attitude, Hunter frustratedly walks away, thinking they are lousy. Willow asks him to give them a chance, as he just met them, and he retorts that where he came from, even chances need to be earned. When Hunter walks away again, she ties his feet up and brings him to the playing field, where the new members are now demonstrating their positive attitude and skills after warming up.

Willow pops up from the ground and informs Hunter about the members' strong suits, explaining that all the members including her had all been misjudged before in their lives. Willow then proceeds to ask Hunter if he still thinks they are pathetic, and he shakes his head, ashamed. During the match, the two are shown to work well together, and after the match, Hunter comes up with the team name "Emerald Entrails", as their team color is green and there's more to them than people think. The other members like the name and chant it, and Willow proceeds to take a selfie with every team member. After Hunter reveals his true identity as the Golden Guard, much to everyone's surprise, Willow hesitantly asks Hunter if he is the person Luz talked about, which he confirms, before proceeding to change into his Golden Guard outfit.

Right then, multiple Coven Scouts appear and surround the team. Later, the team are brought to a police precinct and locked up in a cell. After the rest of the team voices their objections to being forced to join the Emperor's Coven. Hunter then asks Willow if she's on his side. But she doesn't directly reply back, and only blames herself for getting the team into trouble because she made a bad call, calling herself half-a-witch Willow.

Later, after the team initially escapes an airship but are cornered by Darius Deamonne, Hunter rushes forward to protect them. He goes on to call the members insolent agitators who aren't fit to be in the Emperor's Coven, and gives Darius his cape back, saying that he doesn't deserve to wear the sigil either. Hunter then turns around and begs Willow to leave with the members, with Willow realizing that he's trying to protect them, so she does. Afterwards, she, along with the other team members, find out Hunter set up a Penstagram account, and laugh about how slow his typing is.

For the duration of their stay in the Human Realm, Willow and Hunter are able to spend more time together, the former giving the latter a haircut after catching him trying to do it himself. They both support each other's interests, such as a photo depicting Hunter trying to assist Willow with gardening, and Willow complimenting Hunter's O'Bailey costume and asking to read "Cosmic Frontier" when he's done with it, which comes off as flirting with him. After seeing that Belos has possessed Hunter and he nearly drowns himself as a last resort to finish off the quasi-immortal witch hunter, Willow lays Hunter down and keeps his head on her lap as she worries over him surviving. After Flapjack's sacrifice, Willow helps Hunter sit up and hugs him as comfort over losing his best friend.

Shortly after returning to the Demon Realm, Luz, Camila, Willow, Amity, Gus, and Hunter return to a normal unaffected place as Willow spots "red grass" and starts talking to it as if it was a human. Gus places an illusion on it so that the red grass can "talk" to Willow. This makes her happy and Hunter smiles at her. Hunter then hears chirping noises coming from a tree, and he frantically looks around and then up. He sees a red bird as he starts to grieve Flapjack's death. Hunter becomes upset and tells Willow and Gus to stop goofing around.

As the group tries to find Eda and King in Bonesborough, Willow spots her dad as one of the Collector's puppets and Willow runs to try and talk to her dad. Hunter stops her and pulls her away, saving her from an explosion through a building.

As the kids prepped their plan in Hexside, Willow shows Hunter a picture of him and Flapjack from when they played Flyer Derby in an effort to cheer him up. Instead, Hunter grows increasingly upset and Willow feels she made things worse, so she leaves. Hunter runs after her to fix things only to get knocked out by Boscha.

Willow's stress costs her control over her powers while in the Detention pit and after getting Gus, Hunter, and herself trapped in Gus from the rapidly growing vines. As she says she will always be nothing more than 'Half a Witch Willow', Hunter tears up and frees the both of them before apologizing and saying she and the others mean the world to him before he and Gus tell her to express her sadness. As Willow sobs, Hunter then teleports all three of them out of the collapsing pit where Willow informs the confused Hunter that he now has Flapjack's magic.

After reuniting with Luz and Camila, Willow fights off Kikimora and gets blasted off her staff. Hunter uses his new powers to save her and she blushes from being carried in his arms bridal style. After they are all teleported to the Titan's skull, Willow expresses gratitude towards Hunter for what he said back in the detention pit.

She intertwines her pinky with his as they both blush. Willow says that Hunter means a lot to her too, and with that, Hunter is pleased to help her feel better. Though it was hinted they became a couple during the four-year gap in "Watching and Dreaming", this was never confirmed.

Gilbert and Harvey Park

Park family

Willow playing with her dads as a young child.

Willow is close to her fathers, having many fond memories of them. She loves and respects them, but at the same time Willow fears disappointing Gilbert and Harvey. After getting expelled, she feared their reactions. While both were angered at the news, Gilbert was shown to be more lenient on her then Harvey.

When Willow and the others were stranded in the Human Realm, Willow drew a picture of the two as motivation to get back home. Upon returning and finding that Gilbert has been turned into a puppet , she chases after him, shouting to get his attention and asking about Harvey before Hunter pulls her away.

When she is in the Detention Pit, after finally letting herself show her frustration, Willows cries and states that she misses the two of them.


Hunting Palismen - 235

Boscha pushing Willow aside.

For a long time, Willow had suffered from bullying at the hands of Boscha, who constantly belittles her capabilities and only saw her as a "half-a-witch". When Willow starts proving how powerful she really is after joining the plant track, Boscha becomes threatened by her newfound popularity with the students of Hexside, along with being annoyed by Amity hanging out with her. Boscha begins doubling down on her mockery of Willow, going as far as to mess with Luz and Gus as well. After trying to harm Luz, Willow faced off against Boscha in a grudgby match and while Boscha won, Willow's good sportsmanship nearly cost her her friends. When Willow declined joining the Banshees, Boscha eased up on her bullying but still messed with Willow on occasion.

Months later after Willow and her friends returned to the Demon Realm, Boscha goes back to picking on Willow, but seems to share and understand the pressures of leadership, trying to offer her advice. Of course, Willow assumes Boscha is just trying to kick her while she's down, and is seemingly proved right when "Roka" attacks Willow from behind. After escaping the Detention pit and before heading off to the Titan's skull, Willow tells Boscha that she'll be back to settle the score with her, implying that she and Boscha aren't in good terms yet.

Camila Noceda

Thanks to Them - 661

Willow being given a camera by Camila.

After Willow and her friends become stranded in the Human Realm, Camila welcomes her and the others into her home. She is treated kindly by Luz's mother and is even given a camera by Camila that started her interest in photography in the Human Realm. After Amity says they can do more to get back home, Willow and the others misinterpret this as needing to help out more around the Noceda House, and she suggests fixing up the house's garden, showing that Willow wishes to return Camila's gratitude.

Powers and abilities

  • Magic: Willow is adept in magic. Like many witches, her connection to magic comes from a sac of magic bile that is attached to her heart.
    • Plant magic: Willow is skilled at using plant-based magic, which usually manifests as green, thorny vines around her. In fits of intense emotion, like rage, she is shown to be able to use her magic without making a spell circle, indicated by her eyes glowing green when using her magic in this state. She uses her magic to help plants and can make a tiny seed sprout into a colossal vine. She can also control plants with her magic, summon them from the ground, turn them into monstrous versions of themselves, and use them to grab and restrain others. However, Willow can lose control of her powerful magic and can accidentally entangle herself and others in vines when she does so.
      • Plant Teleportation: Willow can use plants to teleport herself and others.
      • Plant Revival: Willow can revive plants that have been damaged.
    • Water magic: Willow uses this type of magic to water her plants.
    • Abomination magic: Prior to joining the plant track, Willow was in the abomination track and likely has limited knowledge on abomination magic. However, her skills were mediocre which led to her being labeled "Half-a-witch Willow".
  • Glyph Magic: After draining her magic for overuse, Willow relies on glyph magic to help save the puppets as the Archive House starts to fall.
  • Plant knowledge: Willow has vast knowledge on monstrous plants of the Boiling Isles and how to take care of them, and is capable of handling them even without her magic.
  • Grudgby proficiency: Willow is shown to be relatively skilled at grudgby, though she only played one match after Luz challenged Boscha in order to defend Willow's honor, and later turned down an offer to join the Banshees.
  • Flyer Derby: Willow is very enthusiastic about flyer derby, and went on to start Hexside's first team, the Emerald Entrails, along with Gus, Skara, Viney, and temporarily Hunter.


Behind the scenes

Name and basis

The name "Willow" relates to a type of slender tree with long draping foliage and a lot of spiritual and historical significance in a number of cultures. These graceful trees are known for their elegant, "willowy" structure and ability to grow and prosper despite unfavorable conditions. Willow is a name symbolic of resilience and vitality. Her name being a reference to a plant might allude to her plant track at Hexside.

Park is a Korean surname, and derives from Bak (박) meaning "Gourd". Park is also an English word that refers to spots of nature devoted to recreation and preservation. Both meanings could be referring to her placement in the plant track.

In the show's initial animation test reel, Willow was instead named "Paulina".


Willow is voiced by Tati Gabrielle.


Willow debuted in the episode "I Was a Teenage Abomination".

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Arelys González
Brazil Portuguese (Brazil) Agatha Paulita
Bulgaria Bulgarian Tsvetoslava Simeonova (Цветослава Симеонова) (Season 2–3)
Hong Kong Cantonese Chen Xue Ying (陳雪瑩)
Taiwan Chinese Yang Shih-Ying (楊詩穎)
Czech Republic Czech Alžběta Volhejnová
Germany German Maresa Sedlmeir
Denmark Danish Özlem Saglanmak
Spain Spanish Nagore Germes
France French Helena Coppeljans
Hungary Hungarian Pekár Adrienn
Israel Hebrew Einat Azulay (עינת אזולאי)
Italy Italian Marta Filippi
Japan Japanese Ayaka Nanase (七瀬 彩夏) She is also the voice for Kikimora and Boscha in Japanese.
South Korea Korean Yang Jeong-hwa (양정화)
Malaysia Malay Shireen Hj Salehuddin
Netherlands Dutch Nola Klop
Norway Norwegian Sarah MacDonald Berge
Poland Polish Magdalena Kaczmarek (Season 1)
Zuzanna Bernat (Season 2–3)
Portugal Portuguese Marta Mota
Romania Romanian Alexandra Badea (Season 1)
Aurora Păunescu (Season 2–3)
Sweden Swedish Cecilia Olin
Thailand Thai Rewadi Miankoet (เรวดี เมียนเกิด)
Turkey Turkish Gözde Kısa


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  • Her surname, Park, was revealed in "Wing It Like Witches".
  • Willow having two fathers was revealed in "Understanding Willow".
  • In "Enchanting Grom Fright", Willow is revealed to have coccinellidaephobia, or the fear of ladybugs.[6]
  • According to Dana's Reddit AMA, Willow works out every morning.[24] "Follies at the Coven Day Parade" reveals that she does reps, lifting a pair of heavy-looking, round dumbbells, while in "Any Sport in a Storm", she is shown to also do sit-ups and uses plant vines to do battle ropes and jump rope exercises. Art by Dana also shows her using smaller regular dumbbells, as well as once using a grip strengthener while asleep.[citation needed]
  • The airdate of Willow's debut episode, "I Was a Teenage Abomination", was January 24, 2020, one day before the 24th birthday of her voice actress Tati Gabrielle, January 25.
  • In some developmental drawings, Willow's ears are round.
  • It is possible that Willow developed an interest in flyer derby due to both of her dads playing the sport together when they were younger.
  • According to Dana Terrace, Willow is pansexual.[25]


  1. It was hinted they became a couple during the four year gap, although this was never confirmed in the show.[4][5]


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