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"Wing It Like Witches" is the seventeenth episode of the first season of The Owl House, and the seventeenth episode overall.

It premiered on August 15, 2020.


Not your average underdog story.[5]


It is grudgby season at Hexside, and Boscha is the team captain of the Banshees and the star player. When she arrives at school on the big day, she is expecting a crowd of people to greet her. Instead, everyone is paying attention to Willow. Since Willow and Amity have made amends, Willow has become more confident and everyone is being nicer to her. Amity has also cut ties with Boscha and her friends, keeping her word that she would not let them bully Willow again.

Willow's newfound popularity soon begins to bug Boscha, therefore she starts bullying her, Luz, and Gus. Worst of all, everyone, including the teachers, let her get away with it. During the grudgby season, Boscha is extra unbearable, and reasoning with her is impossible. According to Amity, the only way to get through to her is grudgby terms. So, Luz has Willow challenge Boscha to a grudgby match, much to everyone's shock. Willow tries to get out of it, but the deal is set. If Willow's team wins, Boscha does not get to bully Willow again. But if Boscha's team wins, she and her friends will get to use Willow, Luz and Gus as target practice. Both agree to meet at the grudgby field after school.

At the grudgby field, Luz begins training Willow and Gus, and explaining to them that the aim of the game is to get the ball through the hoops while dodging magic traps. Everyone keeps telling her this is not a good idea and that Willow has never played grudgby, but due to Luz's overconfident and positive attitude, she won't listen. The training does not go well, and Luz starts to push Willow and Gus too hard. After almost getting them hurt with a move called the Thorn Vault, Willow and Gus call it quits. Willow tells Luz the game is off and leaves with Gus.

Amity finds Luz by herself, feeling rather ashamed. The two of them have a heart to heart talk. Luz just wanted to help Willow stand up to Boscha. Amity tells her that before Boscha, she used to be grudgby team captain until she left the team. The team was playing against Glandus High for the Island Championship, and at the last minute, she changed the game plan to the Thorn Vault. It went disastrously wrong, and her teammates got hurt. After that, she never played grudgby again. After this talk, Luz confronts Boscha on the grudgby field and tells her they forfeit and that she takes Willow's place as their target for practice. So, Boscha and her friends start to attack her with grudgby balls without mercy. Worried for Luz, Amity runs off to get help from Willow and Gus. Willow enters the scene to protect Luz, and re-challenges Boscha to a match. Amity also joins the team.

Meanwhile, while looking through her old grudgby pictures, Eda is met by Lilith at her house. She has come to take her in, but Eda is not having any of it. However, after Lilith insults her about her days as a grudgby player, Eda becomes defensive and challenges her to a match. If Lilith wins, Eda will surrender to the Emperor's Coven without a fight. They set up a makeshift grudgby field outside the house, and have Hooty as the referee and the traps. The game between Eda and Lilith comes to a tie. One more play will declare the winner. Eda intends to cheat but discovers her cheat kit is empty because Luz cleaned it. Eda now has no choice but to win the honest way. The final game begins, and after getting the upper hand, Eda wins without cheating. Lilith is devastated because the Emperor is expecting her to show up with Eda in custody and cannot go back empty-handed. So Eda gives Lilith her ring so she can tell him she put up a struggle. Lilith then leaves but promises to return.

The game between Boscha's and Willow's team begins. Luz, Willow, and Amity manage to tackle everything Boscha and the field try to throw at them. Luz also learns how to cast fire magic during the game. The game between the two teams comes to a tie. There is time for one more game to determine the winner. Willow's team goes with the Thorn Vault, which hypothetically wins the game. However, Boscha's team officially wins by catching the Rusty Smidge which automatically declares her team the winners. But Boscha then feels a sense of loss because her friends show new respect for Willow. They offer her to join their team, but she declines.

They rush to Amity, who has hurt her leg. Luz offers to carry Amity, to which she tries to shrug off, but Luz picks her up anyways. Gus then requests another montage, which involves the three of them practicing more grudgby, Gus using his magic to change the score on the board, and having tea with Eda, King, and Amity, who is now sporting a leg cast.


Additional voices

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Brujas improvisadas Improvised witches
Brazil Portuguese (Brazil) Jogue Como Uma Bruxa Play Like a Witch
Taiwan Mandarin 力抗惡霸女 Fighting Back Against Girl Bully
Germany German Kampfgeist Fighting Spirit
Denmark Danish Man må fikse det som hekse You have to fix it like a witch
France French Improvise comme les sorcières Improvise like the witches
Indonesia Indonesian Berimprovisasi Seperti Ahli Sihir Improvise Like Witches
Israel Hebrew שחקי אותה כמו מבשפה Play it like a witch
Italy Italian Come fanno le streghe As the Witches Do It
Japan Japanese スポーツで対決! Showdown in sports!
South Korea Korean 즉흥 대결 Impromptu Match
Malaysia Malay Buat Sahaja Seperti Para Perempuan Sihir Just Do It Like Witches
Netherlands Dutch Vlieg zoals heksen Fly like witches
Norway Norwegian Heks det på hælen Witch it on the heel
Portugal Portuguese Jogo de Bruxas Witches' Game
Poland Polish Zagraj w Mazgaja Let's Play a Grugby
Romania Romanian Jocul vrăjitoarelor The Witches' Game
Turkey Turkish Cadılar Gibi Kanatlan Take Wings Like Witches


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  • Viewership: This episode was watched by 0.37 viewers on its premiere.[3]
  • As of this episode, Eda's ring is now with Lilith.
  • The code word for this episode is "a betrayal".
  • This is the first time Boscha is shown with her hair down.
  • This is the last episode to feature the original credits sequence. The very next episode, "Agony of a Witch", features a completely different credits sequence. The original sequence returns for "Young Blood, Old Souls", albeit one of Eda's eyes has changed in color to reflect the events of the episode.
  • Before Boscha rips the sheet of her calendar, it can be seen that there are 42 crosses on the sheet, which might indicate that there is at least one month of the Boiling Isles that has 42 days.

Revelations and significant events

  • Boscha is revealed to be the captain of Hexside's grudgby team, the Banshees. Skara, Amelia and Cat form the rest of the team.
    • Amity used to be the captain, but quit after she injured her teammates trying to do a trick.
  • This episode reveals Willow's surname to be Park.
  • Following the events in "Understanding Willow", Amity has severed her friendship with Boscha and supports Willow when getting picked on.
  • This episode confirms that Eda's current gray hair is the result of the curse that afflicts her.
  • It is revealed that Lilith used to have red hair, wore glasses, and was a potions student like Eda.
  • Judging by Eda's scrapbook, Eda was once friends with another student of Hexside in the Bard track.
  • Luz learns her fourth spell in this episode, the Fire Spell.


  • This marks the second time Luz issues a challenge that parallels a scene in The Good Witch Azura franchise, with the first instance taking place in "Covention".
    • In "Covention", Luz challenges Amity to a witch's duel, much like Azura did with Hecate.
  • Eda is shown to have been cheating in sports and other challenges since she was a student, something that was touched upon in "Covention".
  • Amity's crush on Luz is shown again, and has become more obvious.
  • Willow refuses the Banshees's offer to join them on the team after noticing Boscha's reaction to this. Willow previously stole Amity's position as top student through unscrupulous means in the episode "I Was a Teenage Abomination", and following that episode Willow had shown an aversion towards butting into people's lives in any way that could hurt them or ruin their livelihoods.
  • Luz's phone is still cracked from the events of "The Intruder".


  • Bend it Like Beckham - The title is a parody of the 2002 romantic comedy sports film.
  • Caligula - Boscha's line "You may be hated, so long as you are feared!" is reminiscent of Roman emperor Caligula's motto "Oderint dum Metuant", meaning "let [the people] hate, so long as they fear", used in reference to Caligula's self-image during his tyrannical rule.
  • Harry Potter - Both grudgby and smibbitch are parodies of Quidditch, and the Rusty Smidge is a parody of the Golden Snitch used in Quidditch. Additionally, Luz's criticism of the disproportionate advantage the Rusty Smidge puts in the game is a direct jab at the controversial rules in Quidditch.
  • Rocky - The sports montage music on Luz's phone is labeled "Ricky".
  • Shrek 2 - The scene wherein Lilith and Eda says each other's names with Hooty saying his own parallels the scene wherein Shrek and Fiona's family were saying each other's names with Donkey saying his own.


  • Boscha's "B" monogram is reversed to the wrong side of her letterman jacket while she is walking through the market.
  • When Boscha enters Hexside, Skara's undercut is gray instead of black.
  • After Luz scoops up Amity, Amity's under-eye makeup is shown as purple instead of green.
  • In the shot of the ball going up for the first serve, the timer on the "Hexside - Home of the Banshees" board changes from 10:00 to 10:08.
  • When Eda laughs that King thinks his cheerleading outfit is intimidating, she doesn't have a mouth for a second.


  • Most of Amity's scenes were severely edited in Russia.
  • In Southeast Asia, Willow's line "Boscha could get away with murder if she wants to.", Amity's lines "She can be so stupid, which I love... I mean hate!", "I hate it, and it's dumb!", Eda's line "Dang it!" and Luz's line "That's such a stupid rule!" were cut.

Memorable quotes

Me? On a team with... you? Running around in cute uniforms?? SWEATING?? ...I gotta go!
That just invalidates all our efforts! If catching that thing is so important, why do anything else!? There's no reason to watch any of the other players! THAT'S SUCH A STUPID RULE!!
Oh, wow, sports!



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