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A witch is one of the many species on the Boiling Isles.[1] They constitute a significant portion of the isle's civilization and use different magic under the coven system;[2] however, those who didn't join any coven is a high order criminal offense, potentially resulting in petrification.[3][4]


Witches are humanoid beings, physically identical to humans save for a few morphological differences. Witches have pointed ears, as opposed to the rounded ears of humans. Much like animals, their ears can perk up when they are feeling positive emotions such as excitement and joy, and flatten when they are feeling negative emotions such as embarrassment, fear, or anger. Witches can also naturally cast magic; due to the immense amount of magical power at the disposal of the Titan, witches evolved a sac attached to their hearts that contains magic bile. The sacs function as a source of magic, like batteries to electronic devices but at a biological level for them to draw magical abilities, similar to palismen, and contain different "spell phlegms" that can mix together to make different spells. Thanks to the bile sacs, witches are able to cast spell circles.

However, some witches do not seem to be able to use magic without other magical items such as palismen or glyphs, or in other words do not have a bile sac (or potentially have one that doesn't work): the key example being Hunter. However, in "Hollow Mind" it is revealed that Hunter is a "Grimwalker" created by Emperor Belos.

Some witches have also had variation in other traits, such as the number of eyes.

Witches and humans also share an average lifespan range, though some witches can develop means to prolong their life by magic.[5]

Known witches



  • In mythology and folklore, a "witch" refers to a human or individual who practices witchcraft. Although modern popular media associate the witch as exclusively female, the term itself is not confined by gender. This is also true in the series, as confirmed by Dana Terrace, where "witch" is a gender-neutral term.[6]
    • Among witches, other traditional practitioners of magic include magicians, sorcerers, warlocks, and wizards, the latter two, in recent years, are popularly coined as the male equivalents to a witch. In the Owl House universe, while wizards exist, this is more of a title witches can call themselves.[6]
    • According to Dana Terrace, scrapped lines allude to the word "warlock" being Boiling Isles' equivalent to the term "edgelord".[6]
  • As stated in Terrace's AMA and confirmed in "Keeping Up A-fear-ances", witches of the Boiling Isles incorporate a colored gem into their attire, such as wearing them as a necklace, as a style of fashion. Some can serve as a visual indicator of their physical status, including for witches with a curse.[7]
  • Although witches are known for being magic users, some witches, like Hunter, are born completely powerless at a magical level. However, it is later revealed that Hunter is a Grimwalker, which may explain why he has no magical abilities. Because of this revelation, it is not known if powerless witches actually exist.
    • Alternatively, it may be that the person he was cloned after was originally human. This is due to his resemblance to a human who was close with Belos.
  • Some demons in the biped category like Tinella Nosa have bile sacs as well, like their witch counterparts, that also help them perform magic.
  • In "The First Day", Principal Bump comments that humans are "full of liquids," which implies that witches are not.


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