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Witch's Apprentice is the official The Owl House video game for PC and iOS. It's available on numerous gaming sites throughout the web, and features the voices of Eda, Hooty, King, and Luz.


Playing as Luz Noceda, it is the player's job to unlock all of the relics as well as complete the jobs and duties Eda has set for the player to complete.


The player receives 4 yellow potions, seen on the bottom left of the screen while playing. Each time the player is hit by an enemy, they lose half a potion. Each time the player falls off of the map, they lose a half a potion as well.

In order to complete assigned quests, the player must use the following controls to maneuver their way throughout the map, jumping over barrels, onto green witch-like hands, and around numerous other obstacles that come their way. Additionally, they may also be thrust into a flying quest, where the player is controlling Luz on a staff and must tap in order to keep her flying (similar to Flappy Bird. In "Runaway Body"). The player may also have to do a minigame as a shopkeep, where you fling items at customers to sell them (in "Sell, Sell, Sell!").


  • Up Arrow/Space/W: Jump
  • Double tap Up Arrow/Space/W: Double Jump
  • Down Arrow/S: Crouch
  • Right Arrow/Left Arrow/A/D: Run
  • Down Arrow/S + Up Arrow/Space/W: Slide
  • Up Arrow/Space/W + Left Arrow/Right Arrow/A/D: Roll


  1. Eda's Missing Arm
  2. Eda's Missing Leg
  3. Runaway Body
  4. Search for Collectibles
  5. The Search Continues
  6. Sell, Sell, Sell!
  7. Missing King
  8. More Ingredients
  9. Time to Cook
  10. Time for Traps
  11. More Traps, More Bombs
  12. Also Fire Crystals
  13. Traps for King
  14. Maybe This Time
  15. Return of the King


In the game, the player can unlock numerous relics, which allude to in show items. The last two relics remain locked. In order of appearance, the relics are as follows:

  1. Good Witch Azura Crown: A regal symbol of power and majesty! A suitable replacement for any fearsome ruler's lost crown, coronet, or diadem.
  2. Toy Sword: Its edges may be blunt, but its wit is cutting... as long as you have fresh AA batteries every five minutes. Safe for kids! Instant death for puppeteer-monsters.
  3. Top Student Badge: A glittering emblem of academic prowess at Hexside, signaling intellectual dominion over all other students. Amity Blight is literally the only person who cares about it.
  4. Demon Encyclopedia: A thorough compendium of demons and demonology. Delves into forgotten lore and long-lost history. Includes detachable poster of the King of Demons wreaking havoc on his enemies!
  5. Raven Mask: You CAN have it all! Magic, intimidation, and fashion, all in one beguiling mask - the perfect gift for the professional witch and/or masquerade enthusiast.
  6. Hexes Hold'em Cards: A popular game for Older Witches and Spinsters - high stakes action, low levels of movement. This specific deck has marked cards for easy cheating.
  7. Bat Queen's Whistle: A Gift from the Bat Queen for a job well done. Some say blowing it will summon her for assistance in any task, others say "wipe off the mouthpiece, it's covered in spit."
  8. Fancy Lamp: A handsome centerpiece for any living room, if you can keep it from running away. Shave regularly to avoid ingrown hairs.
  9. Bad Girl Coven T-Shirt: Depiction of a witch "Shredding the Gnar" woven on the finest textiles. Bears the insignia of the "Bad Girls Coven". the most exclusive club in history and a zillion times better than the dumb old Emperor's Coven. Tumble dry low.
  10. Playground Armor: A mythic item forged by legendary smiths. No detail has been spared. Pre-cut head and armholes for maximum maneuverability. Hand-painted abs to stun and swoon, and a Resilient Corrugated 2-ply core. No warrior King should leave home without it. Also, doubles as a box!
  11. Luz's Author Photo: A portrait of the artist, a young girl. "Noceda's Luzura Trilogy captures the spirit of her generation" - Luz Noceda.
  12. Bewitched Vegetables: When cooking with the bewitched vegetables, be certain to keep a watchful eye. Strong wills are prone to develop overtime, as well as strong smells as the vegetables inevitably wilt, mold, and rot. Serve with your favorite apple blood sauce!
  13. Fannypack: Friends will ooh and aah when they see you parade around town in this ultra-fashionable fannypack! Perfect for storing emergency snacks, taxidermy tools, and magic glyphs. It's a must have for any adventurer on the go.
  14. Shrinking Spray Bottle: A bottle brimming with Mysterioso's mysterious shrinking potion. Handy if you need a change in perspective, or want to be the tallest in your friend group.
  15. Memory Tweezers: Magical tool used in the photographic arts. Extracts images of memories, which allows them to be preserved forever - or, if they are damaged at all, to start a chain reaction that destroys your mind.
  16. Grom Tiara: Woe to the child chosen to wear the Grom Tiara, For they shall face unspeakable danger in guises that fill their hearts with dread. To everyone else: have fun out on the dance floor tonight! Yay, Grom!
  17. The Rusty Smidge: In the game of grudgby, the team that catches the Rusty Smidge gets an instant and completely unfair victory, invalidating all the efforts of the other team. Instituted in the early 00's, replacing the previous mechanic of Deus Ex Machina.
  18. Greenthumb Gauntlet: One of the most powerful items in the Emperor's treasury. This relic can grow anything you can imagine, from the smallest demonic daisy to the largest deadwood tree.
  19. Witch's Wool Cape: A stunning accessory that can deflect all forms of magic. Perfect for keeping you safe in battle or cozy by a roaring fire. Begs the question "Why don't we always wear capes, just all the time, wouldn't that be cool?".

Unlockable items

  1. Winged Shoes
  2. Plant Ladder Seeds
  3. Snaggleback Shell
  4. Cloud Jar
  5. Ice Potion


Not too shabby, human.
Word to the wise Luz, never let Hooty recite to you one of his poems.


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  • There are exactly 19 relics, the same number as the number of episodes in season one. The items also align chronologically with the episodes for there to be one relic that applies to one episode. For example, Playground Armor is the tenth relic, and in the tenth episode, King wears this Playground Armor when he is trying to rule over the park. Another example is Luz's Author Photo being the eleventh relic, and in the eleventh episode, Luz shows King her author photo.
  • The name of the third quest, Runaway Body, is a reference to the 1990s movie Runaway Bride.