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"Yesterday's Lie" is the tenth episode of the second season of The Owl House, and the twenty-ninth episode overall. It is also the mid-season finale of the second season.

It premiered on August 14, 2021.


Luz thinks she's found a way back home but questions if she's ready for what she'll find on the other side.[1]


At the Noceda residence, "Luz" is shoving some stuff into a box. She then carries it in her hands, but stops in front of a mirror and smiles at her reflection. Camila notices her, and asks "Luz" what the box is for; she replies that she's just cleaning up her room. Camila picks up a tinfoil swan and asks her if she is sure she wants to throw it away, pointing out that she made the swans for her. She takes it back, and replies that she's looking for a fresh start before setting down the box beside the garbage can. "Luz" mentions that the summer camp has taught her a lot, to which Camila agrees, although finding her "daughter's" behavior a bit strange.

Right then, they hear a rabbit squeaking, and find it caught in a trap. Camila asks "Luz" to grab a pair of pliers, then uses them to cut off the string. "Luz" mentions that that is the fifth trap this week, to which Camila angrily replies that she will beat the person if she finds out who they are. Camila then tells her to go back inside the house together, promising to make maduros. Some time later, "Luz" goes into her room to take out a t-shirt. When she closes the closet door, the real Luz appears from within the mirror on the door. Luz angrily yells at her doppelgänger, scaring her.

Some point prior on the Boiling Isles, Luz, Eda, King, and Hooty are in front of a makeshift portal door near the Owl House. Luz says that while Philip Wittebane mentioned the hardest part of building a portal door is finding someone who knows how to do it, since a lot of the ingredients are pretty easy to find, as Eda had most of them. King hands over Amity's glove to Luz, who can't believe that the key contained Titan's Blood this entire time. After a moment of silence, Luz remarks that if Emperor Belos wants to get to the Human Realm, he has to beat her to it. She then tears a piece off the glove and sticks it on the portal door. After that is done, Eda starts pedaling on her makeshift flying bathtub, transferring energy to the components of the portal door and then to the door itself. The door works, albeit looking crooked. Luz ties a rope on her waist, reminding Eda, King, and Hooty to pull her back if the portal starts closing. Luz hugs the trio, and then jumps through the portal.

Luz then finds herself in a weird dimension, floating in pool of black water surrounded by floating cubes. She tries calling out for Eda, King, and Hooty, but they can't hear her. However, her yelling summons a cube out from the water. She holds it, and finds herself becoming a reflection in one of the windows of the Owl House, seeing Eda, King, and Hooty waiting for her outside the portal. Luz releases the cube, then wonders if she can see Amity, yelling out her name, before telling herself to focus on her mission. She calls out her mother's name, and spots a cube above her glow. She tries to use an ice glyph to reach it, but it doesn't work. She climbs onto another cube that is floating up, only for gravity to switch halfway up, and she lands face-down beside the cube. Luz then grabs it, and becomes a reflection in her mother's cellphone. She tries to call out to her, but is shocked when she sees another Luz in her house. Luz then frantically tries to call out the doppelgänger's name to talk to her, but is unable to do so, as she doesn't know it. Luz then tries to calm down, telling herself to count to five, when suddenly a new cube emerges from the water.

Luz grabs the cube and appears in the mirror on her closet door, directly confronting her doppelgänger. The impostor attempts to break the mirror, but stops when Camila asks if everything is alright from outside the room. She then jumps out the window and escapes into the old house, and Luz appears in a purse mirror beside her. There, the impostor is angry that she has to run again, and wonder why things just can't work out. She kicks a rock out of frustration, and accidentally triggers a trap, causing a rope to tighten around her foot. The doppelgänger becomes stressed and reveals her true form, a basilisk. Luz calms her down, then asks for her name, and learns that it's Vee. Luz guides Vee into untying herself, and asks Vee why is she pretending to be her. Vee replies that she's looking for a place to belong, and she only stays with Camila because she is nice. Luz then realizes that she can just stay where she is since Camila is unaware her real daughter is missing, but Vee remarks that she needs magic in order to shapeshift again, and she just ran out of it. Luz starts thinking, and notices a piece of newspaper beside her. She asks Vee to read the back of it, which has a story of Eda terrorizing a café on the main page. Luz mentions that Eda might have left some magic stuff behind, making Vee hopeful, and she walks out of the door. A hidden camera is seen recording everything in the house while all of this is happening.

Vee reaches the café and walks inside. The shopkeeper mentions that "Marylin", which is Eda's alias, tried to pay for a latte with a live raccoon once and did something weird to the croissants when she tried to call the police. Vee then walks out the back door into an alley, and is freaked out by two talking rats with glowing red eyes. She runs away, and Luz notices three high schoolers not far away playing Hexes Hold'em. She thinks they might know where to get the cards, and reminds Vee to approach them carefully, but she just laughs and walks up to them, mentioning that they're cool. Apparently, the three high schoolers were Vee's campmates during her stay at Reality Check Summer Camp. She asks one of the girls where she got the cards, but the girl insists on giving Vee a reading first before telling her. According to the reading, Vee is running away from a past that is not kind to her. However, the guilt and fear she carries will eventually catch her in a self-fulfilling prophecy that she won't be able to escape from. Upon hearing that, Vee becomes terrified, and the girl reveals that she got the cards from the Gravesfield Historical Society museum. Vee thanks her, and starts walking towards there with a gloomy expression.

Vee walks into the building, and is greeted by Jacob Hopkins, the curator. Jacob mentions that the cards are really popular among high schoolers, and that he bought them from an old lady who was dumping them into the river. He then asks Vee if she wants a set, which she confirms. Jacob asks her to wait as he carries a box into the staff room, and Vee walks around the museum. Luz notices that she is upset and tries to console her, telling her that she knows what it's like to run away from home, as she did the same thing. She replies that they are not the same, and starts telling Luz her backstory.

Vee's real name is "Number 5", and her kind, the basilisks, went extinct a long time ago. They were brought back because Belos wanted to know how they drain magic. Vee managed to escape, along with a few basilisks, but she knows it was only a matter of time before Belos caught them again. On the first day Luz came to the Boiling Isles, Vee saw her and snuck through the portal when no one was watching. When she reached the Human Realm, she heard Camila calling out for Luz, and with no place to hide, she transformed into "Luz". Vee then went to the camp on Luz's behalf and started living with Camila.

Back in the museum, Vee finishes telling Luz her story and feels complicated about her running away from home. Just then, she smells something and follows the scent into the staff room. She turns on the light, and is shocked by the various items in the room such as weapons on display, creepy pictures on the wall, and a toy with a witch on a guillotine. Vee notices a bulletin board with pictures of Eda on it, gets scared, and backs off, accidentally turning on the computer screens behind her. She realizes that she has been watched by someone, and tries to escape, but trips on a laser beam and gets trapped inside a cage instead, panic shifting into her real form again. Jacob walks in, and is happy that he finally managed to catch a real demon after setting up many traps. He reveals that he knows that demons are real, however, he believes that they all are sent from Mars to harvest human teeth in order to power their time machine. Vee realizes that he doesn't know anything, but Jacob insists that he knows enough, and tells her to get comfortable because she will be spending the rest of her life in a cage. Luz tries to assure Vee that they will get out of the situation, but she tells Luz to go back to the Demon Realm instead. Since Jacob now knows her disguise, she thinks he will out her to Camila and it would cause her more trouble than if Luz just disappears. Vee assures Luz it's okay, as she's used to living like this, before breaking the glass with her tail, frustrating Luz.

Luz then calls out for her mother's cube. Camila has taken the box Vee threw out back inside and is playing with the tinfoil swan when Luz appears on her cellphone screen and starts to grab her attention. She walks to the phone, thinking Luz is just calling her. Instead, she starts telling Camila about what really happened in the past few months. However, Camila thinks this is all just a creative story made up by Luz, but goes to the Gravesfield Historical Society museum anyway. She tells Luz that she doesn't need to make up a story to make her come pick her and her friends up, but Luz insists that it's all real. Camila walks in, asking Jacob to show her his captured demon. He thinks she is sent by the government, and requests a verbal confirmation from her that he gets to publish his findings first, to which Camila hesitantly agrees. Jacob then brings her inside, telling her Gravesfield's history and showing her the trapped Vee. Camila notices Vee's basilisk characteristics, and realizes that she is real. Jacob then shows her his camera recordings, and Camila finally sees that the "Luz" she has been living with was an impostor this whole time. While Jacob walks off to get his costume, Luz reassures her mom that Vee is not bad, and pleads with Camila to save her. Camila walks over to the cage, and tells Vee that she is a strong girl. Vee is touched by that and her eyes become teary. Jacob notices Luz on Camila's phone screen, but thinks she is merely recording, and attempts to start dissecting Vee. Camila stops him, and tells him she will be taking her away. Jacob protests and tries to stop her, but she strikes him hard with a flip-flop.

Camila then brings Vee back to her home, and Luz's reflection appears in front of them as the car headlights light up the rain. Vee thanks Luz for her help, and Camila assures Vee that she can stay as long as she needs. As Vee heads inside, Camila then turns to her daughter, holding back her tears. Apparently, she has been trying to hold back her emotions, as she is scared about Luz being alone in a strange realm. However, Camila is glad that as scary as the situation seems, Luz appears to have matured, to which Luz replies that staying in the Boiling Isles is the best choice she has ever made. This upsets Camila, and she thinks that Luz always hated living with her in the Human Realm. Luz tries to assure her it isn't like that, but Eda, King, and Hooty begin to pull her back. Camila pleads for her to stay in the Human Realm when she comes back, telling her that she didn't mean to push her away. Luz promises, and then disappears, causing Camila to start crying.

Back in the Boiling Isles, Eda, King, and Hooty finish yanking Luz back from the portal. Eda explains to Luz that they had to do that because the portal was closing, just as the portal twists and disappears. King asks if Luz told Camila about him, to which she lies and tell him that she did, and that Camila can't wait to meet the trio. Eda assures Luz that, with everything they have learned, they will have a working portal in no time. King wants to eat human snacks, and Hooty can't wait to share parenting tips, prompting Eda to ask Hooty who dubs him as a parent. The trio laughs, while Luz just stares ahead with a nervous expression on her face.


Additional voices


Other characters

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Mentiras del pasado Past's lies
Taiwan Mandarin 昨日的謊言 Yesterday's Lie
Germany German Die Lüge von gestern Yesterday's lie
Denmark Danish Løgnen fra i går The lie from yesterday
Spain Spanish La mentira del ayer Yesterday's lie
France French Le mensonge d'hier Yesterday's Lie
Israel Hebrew השקר של אתמול Yesterday's lie
Italy Italian Tornare dalla mamma Coming Back to Mom
Malaysia Malay Pembohongan Semalam Yesterday's Lie
Netherlands Dutch Leugens van Toen Lies from Then
Norway Norwegian Gårsdagens løgner Yesterday's lies
Portugal Portuguese A Mentira de Ontem Yesterday's Lie
Poland Polish Bazyliszek The Basilisk
Romania Romanian Minciuna de Ieri Yesterday's Lie
Sweden Swedish Gårdagens lögn Yesterday's lie
Turkey Turkish Dünkü Yalan Yesterday's Lie


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  • Viewership: This episode was watched by 0.36 viewers on its premiere.[2]
  • The secret message is on the conspiracy board, and it translates to "Of".
  • This episode marks the mid-season finale of the second season.
  • This is the final episode to air in 2021.
  • This is the first episode in the series where the majority of the story's setting takes place in the Human Realm, but beyond Luz's home.
  • When Vee checks Luz's closet and sees her in the reflection, the shirt she takes out is the same one Luz wore originally in the series pilot.
  • When Vee gets confronted by Luz, she wields a red baseball bat, which was Luz's main weapon in the beta rendition of her character.
  • One of the Gravesfield founders bore a striking resemblance to Philip.
  • The three Hexes Hold'Em cards correspond to cards found in a traditional Tarot deck:
    • The card on the left side, reflecting the past, matches the Moon, which represents dreams, deception, and illusions. This ties with Vee taking Luz's place and deceiving Camila to escape her past life.
    • The card in the middle, reflecting present time, matches the King of Cups, which represents wisdom, compassion, and diplomacy. This fits as Vee is in a state of compromise with Luz during the episode. Although, the skeleton may be a reference to Death, which spells change and new beginnings, echoing Vee's accommodation to the Human Realm.
    • The card on the right side, reflecting the future, matches the Three of Swords, which represents loneliness, grief, and betrayal; but in its reversed position, it can mean healing, forgiveness, and recovery. The former is referenced by Vee being warned of her anguish because of her previous deception; but the latter meaning is fulfilled when Vee makes amends with Luz instead.

Revelations and significant events

  • Luz slept in a bunk bed in the Human Realm.
  • Luz is said to enjoy crafting aluminum swans, similar to what the younger Lilith liked to do.
  • Luz and Camila live in a fictional town called Gravesfield.
  • Several things are revealed about Luz's doppelgänger in the Human Realm:
    • She is a basilisk named Number 5, but she goes by Vee.
    • She managed to escape from the Emperor's Coven, and reached the Human Realm through the portal during the events of the episode "A Lying Witch and a Warden", while Eda and Luz were distracted at the market in Bonesborough.
    • Vee went to the summer camp on Luz's behalf, and ended up supplanting Luz after Camila was nice to her.
  • Basilisks are revealed to have been extinct long before the events of the series, but brought back by Emperor Belos to investigate how they drained magic.
  • Luz is confirmed to have a father, who appears in a picture in the kitchen of Luz's house, although his face is covered by the light reflected in the picture.
    • Her father would later be revealed to be deceased.[3]
  • One of Eda's aliases during her visits to the Human Realm is "Marylin".
    • In a DVD commentary of Gravity Falls and the publication of Journal 3, it was stated that Stan Pines was married to a woman matching Eda's description named "Marilyn Rosenstein" for less than a day before she robbed him and mysteriously disappeared.
      • It is unknown if the "Marilyn" mentioned in the commentary is the same one mentioned in the Journal, since the commentary version of the story says that they were only married for six hours while the Journal's version says it was for forty-eight hours.
  • Gravesfield Historical Society museum curator Jacob Hopkins knows about the existence of witches and demons after seeing Eda's Owl Beast form.
  • Camila works as a veterinarian.
  • In the 1600s, two brothers from Gravesfield entered the Demon Realm after making contact with a witch.
  • Camila discovers the whole truth about Luz's escape to the Boiling Isles, witches and demons, and Luz's doppelgänger.


  • Luz uses Amity's glove covered in Titan Blood from "Eclipse Lake" for her portal.
    • The events of said episode are even mentioned.
  • Eda's propeller bathtub from "Separate Tides" and "Echoes of the Past" is used to power the portal.
  • Luz dons the magic-resistant cloak from "Young Blood, Old Souls" again.
    • The cloak seems to have become damaged as a result of Luz's time in the In Between Realm.
  • Luz ends up in a realm between the realms, which was first alluded to in Philip Wittebane's notes in "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door", and briefly appeared in the portal at the beginning of "Keeping Up A-fear-ances".
  • Glyphs do not work in the realm between realms, likely because of the absence of magic, as what was noted in "Young Blood, Old Souls".
  • Luz mentions the events of "The First Day", where a basilisk attacked Hexside, stealing the magic of many people.
  • A flashback of when Luz arrives at the Boiling Isles in the episode "A Lying Witch and a Warden" is shown from Vee's perspective.
  • Eda's Hexes Hold'em cards from "Hooty's Moving Hassle" reappear, with Eda having dumped them in the Human Realm.
  • Among the items in Jacob's office is a battery-powered training wand similar to the one Amity owned in "Adventures in the Elements".
  • The abnormal doll Luz once found in "A Lying Witch and a Warden" was used in the construction of the makeshift portal door.


  • Anime - Luz mentions Monster Slayer Academia which Camila refers to as "anime":
  • Comme des Garçons - A little girl in the town square is wearing a shirt with the heart logo of the clothing brand.[4]
  • Tarot - The girl with the Hexes Hold'em cards uses them for the real-life card reading practice.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - The four weapons above Jacob's office door are the main weapons of the franchise's protagonists: a katana (Leonardo), bo staff (Donatello), sai (Raphael), and nunchuku (Michelangelo)
  • LARP - Camila assumes the items in Jacob's office are for live-action role-playing games, which involves acting-out role-playing games in person with props
  • V for Vendetta - Vee takes her name from the Roman numeral for five, as does the protagonist of Alan Moore's graphic novel. Both characters were held prisoner and used for experimentation before escaping.
  • La Chancla - Camila uses a flip-flop to beat up Jacob. In Spanish, "La Chancla" means "the flip-flop" and it is used by Hispanic parents to discipline their children when they are misbehaving.


  • In the cold opening where Vee sees Luz in the mirror, Luz has a bruise on her cheek, her hair is messy, and she appears enraged. But when this scene is revisited from Luz's perspective, Luz has her normal look and appears confused.
  • Vee jumps out of the room through an opened window. In the next scene showing her landing outside, the window is closed.
    • In that same scene, you can see two windows; however, before she jumped out, there was only 1.
  • Vee's flashback indicates the portal was open for her to slip into when Luz and Eda were distracted by the crowd. However, in the first episode, the portal was depicted closed the whole time.



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