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"Young Blood, Old Souls" is the nineteenth and final episode of the first season of The Owl House, and the nineteenth episode of the series overall.[5]

It premiered on August 29, 2020.


Luz's skills as a witch are put to the test when she attempts the impossible.[3]


In the Owl House, King tells Luz about the history of Emperor Belos and the Boiling Isles. Luz disregards King as she sadly remembers Eda, looking at the tag on her cloak. Luz then comes with a decision of saving Eda and so does King, despite how powerful the Emperor is.

Meanwhile, in the Emperor's Castle, Lilith is trying to detain a beastly Eda from making chaos in the castle when Emperor Belos arrives in the same room. He takes Eda away to another room, stating that Eda must be dealt with instead of healed. He also expresses his desire of capturing "the human girl", as he needs the magic door that leads to the human world. The Emperor gives Lilith the Owl Staff and requests she destroy it, much to her shock.

In the town, the news reports an announcement from the Emperor's Coven. It shows a press conference with Kikimora, who states that the Coven has adjudicated on the matter of dealing with Eda by petrifying her in stone, which will be done by sunset. Luz gets upset about what Lilith has done to her own sister and comes to the decision of going to the Conformatorium by breaking the rules to be caught by the Coven's guards.

Luz and King successfully are taken to the Conformatorium. They are frightened after seeing some petrified prisoners displayed as statues, and Eda is the upcoming statue. Warden Wrath shows up, but when he's about to lock Luz and King up, Luz's glyph spells immediately blow up and she manages to defeat all the guards, including Warden Wrath. Warden Wrath, afraid, draws Luz a map to Eda's cell room.

Outside, people are waiting for the petrification as they're discussing it. Meanwhile, in the Conformatorium, Kikimora is scolding Warden Wrath for letting Luz and King escape. Lilith appears and takes the responsibility of capturing Luz and King.

Luz makes it to Eda's cell room. She sees Eda being chained. Eda notices Luz, and before she can attack Luz, Luz timely uses the light spell to get her mind back. Eda, who has been given back her consciousness, is frightened of Luz being here - right in the Conformatorium. Luz thoroughly wants to rescue Eda, while Eda tells Luz to leave the Boiling Isles and the Demon Realm as a whole, to protect Luz. Eda takes out the portal key, sets the magic door up, and suggests Luz to return to the human realm for the best. Luz sorrowfully says goodbye to Eda. Eda is then lifted off to be dealt with. Luz attempts to cling to her, but fails. Lilith, with King in hand, arrives. Luz ragefully throws out some glyph papers to attack Lilith. Lilith, although just wanting to talk, is forced to counterattack. They grapple and accidentally go through the door to the human realm. King follows them as well.

They keep fighting in the human realm, until Luz's statement about Lilith being the one who deserves to be petrified causes Lilith to admit that Luz is right. Luz questions Lilith on why she did all this to Eda and Lilith explains that she and Eda were best friends when they were young. Flashback montage to Eda and Lilith's childhood, Lilith using a spell that makes one share the same pain of the other, as she used it to make both her and Eda be hurt so they could understand each other's pain and create a strong relationship. When they were teenagers, both shared a common ambition of becoming a part of the Emperor's Coven. Unfortunately, only one person could join the Coven, and they had to battle in a Witches' Duel against each other. Lilith knew that Eda outpowered her, so Eda would have easily won the challenge. At night, Lilith went to the Night Market and bought a spell that could take away Eda's power. She entered Eda's room and used the spell she had bought to curse Eda. Lilith thought the curse would only last for a day. But when the duel started the next day, Eda refused to battle with her own sister. She stated that the Emperor's Coven was not fit with her. Eda walked away, but then suddenly turned into the Owl Beast. Everyone was surprised and expressed their loathing by throwing rocks at her and calling her a monster. Lilith automatically won the challenge and was selected to be a member of the Coven. She elucidates that she had been trying to force Eda to join the Emperor's Coven to be healed by Emperor Belos, but he had lied to her. Luz is still in doubt, but decides to trust her nevertheless after Lilith gives her the Owl Staff and Owlbert, which are still okay. They return to the Demon Realm together and go to save Eda.

The petrification is ready to get started while Willow and Gus worry as they don't see Luz anywhere. Eda, in a cage, shows up before the crowd. Kikimora, standing next to Eda, pulls a lever that exhibits a statue-like petrifying machine that resembles three women's bodies. The machine prepares a petrifying laser to shoot Eda and turn her into stone.

Luz, Lilith, and King walk along a dark hall. Lilith shows Luz a platform that can lead Luz up straight to Eda's stage. Lilith also promises Luz that she won't let terrible things like this ever happen again. Unexpectedly, roots from underground catch Lilith and King and then hang them upside down. It is revealed to be Emperor Belos's throne room where they're standing on. Emperor Belos captures Luz by the roots and then reveals that he wants to have a talk with Luz.

The roots take Lilith and King to the stage and throw them in the cage, alongside Eda, to be petrified. Eda, in a fit of rage, is about to tear Lilith apart, but King stops her clarifying that Lilith betrayed the Emperor to save Eda, which cools Eda down. The machine is about to shoot Eda, now with Lilith and King as well. Willow and Gus are concerned about Eda's death, believing that Eda did nothing wrong. Many people support their want of letting Eda go. They all vote for Eda's freedom by saying "Let Eda go!" out loud.

Back in the throne room, Luz attacks Emperor Belos by using the Owl Staff to cast powerful spells. He is able to easily counterattack, and as they continue using magic to attack, the two keep fighting nonstop until Luz is held by the arm roots. Luz uses the ice spell and creates a sharp ice pillar that jabs roughly on the eye of the Emperor's eye, breaking off a small chunk of his mask. Emperor Belos gives out a deal: if Luz wants to save Eda, she must give him the magic door. Despite Emperor Belos's saying that he doesn't want to take over the human world, Luz is still concerned. Finally, Luz, with the desire of saving Eda, gives him the magic door. She is now able to go up straight to Eda's stage. However, she has secretly stuck some fire spell glyph papers on the door and with only a staff's stomp, destroys the magic door immediately. Emperor Belos looks at Luz in fury.

Up on the petrifying stage, when Eda is almost entirely encased in stone, Luz shows up and uses the plant spell to destroy the petrifying machine. She forces Kikimora to unlock the cage, who obeys. Luz is jubilant to see Eda. Eda takes Luz, Lilith, and King and flies off the castle, escaping from the guards as people cheer for them delightfully. Emperor Belos appears and informs the crowd that the Titan told him to spare Eda but gives a warning to anyone who hopes to use wild magic.

Eda lands in front of the Owl House. Luz is about to get elixirs for Eda, but Lilith says that the elixirs won't help anything. Lilith approaches Eda and uses the pain-sharing spell, as she had once done when they were young. Eda turns back to normal only with one eye being grey and her gem black, and Lilith with one grey eye and a light grey stripe on her hair. Both Eda and Lilith cannot use magic now, but Luz promises to teach them to use magic like she does by drawing glyphs on papers, and that they will teach magic to each other. In her room, Luz records a video for her mom about her adventures and how she beat Emperor Belos - the most powerful witch alive.

Back at the Emperor's Castle, Kikimora, who's upset about Luz, King, Eda, and Lilith, plights to capture them all. Emperor Belos tells her not to worry as one of his guards will always keep eye on them. In the meantime, before the Day of Unity, the Emperor's Coven must complete a huge machine that looks similar to a portal, which reveals that the magic door is not completely broken.


Additional Voices

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Title in other languages

Language Title Translation Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Sangre joven, almas viejas Young Blood, Old Souls
Brazil Portuguese (Brazil) Sangue Novo, Velhas Almas Young Blood, Old Souls
Taiwan Mandarin 姐妹情深 Deep Affection between Sisters
Germany German Junges Blut und alte Seelen Young Blood and Old Souls
Egypt Arabic حياة يافعة ، نفوس عريقة Young Life, Ancient Souls
France French Sang neuf, âmes anciennes New Blood, Old Souls
Indonesia Indonesian Darah Muda, Jiwa Tua Young Blood, Old Souls
Israel Hebrew דם צעיר , נשמות קדומות Young blood, ancient souls
Italy Italian L'antica maledizione The Ancient Curse
Japan Japanese 二人の絆 The bond between the two
South Korea Korean 새로운 가족 A New Family
Malaysia Malay Darah Muda, Roh Tua Young Blood, Old Souls
Netherlands Dutch Jong bloed, oude zielen Young blood, old souls
Portugal Portuguese Sangue Novo, Almas Antigas Young Blood, Ancient Souls
Poland Polish Młoda Krew, Stare Dusze Young Blood, Old Souls
Russia Russian Молодая кровь — cтарая душа Young Blood is an Old Soul


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  • The production code is 120, meaning that more episodes might have been produced during the production of the first season of the show.
  • This is the first episode to be a continuation of a previous episode.
  • Luz wears a cape for the second time since "Witches Before Wizards".
  • In the book 'the unauthorized Boiling Isles History' by an unknown author, the nineteenth code is revealed to be 'blood'.
  • In the Witch's Apprentice game, it is stated that the Witch's Wool Cape is a stunning accessory that can deflect all forms of magic.
  • This is the second episode that doesn't include the theme song, the first one being "A Lying Witch and a Warden". It's also the first episode that includes the title card without the theme song.
  • Lilith's "share the pain" spell is the first spell so far that is made with verbal cast without the caster having to make a Spell Circle.
  • This is the first episode where one of the Blight twins appears without the other; in this case, Edric appears without Emira.
  • This was the last episode to premiere on Disney Channel UK before its shutdown (along with Disney's other UK-based kids networks, as well as African network Fox Life) on September 30, 2020 (due to a failed agreement with Sky UK and Virgin Media), with their content moving to Disney+.
  • This is the final episode to air in 2020.
  • In the German dub, young Eda has the same voice actor as adult Eda, but with a higher-pitched voice.
  • As of this episode, Luz, Eda, and King are the only characters who have appeared in every episode of the first season.

Revelations and significant events

  • Luz's glyph magic is completely ineffective in the human world due to being dependent on the Titan's natural magic to work, whilst Lilith's, being a natural born witch, isn't.
  • It is revealed that Lilith cursed Eda to assure her victory in a duel that would secure her a place in the Emperor's Coven when they were little, but Eda refused to fight her own sister and forfeited on the day of the duel.
    • It is also revealed that Lilith had thought Eda's curse would only last a day.
    • Eda's cursed form initially had orange feathers.
  • Two students, later revealed to be Amity's parents as children, can be spotted in the crowd during the flashback.[6] This reveals that her father was in the abomination track and her mother was in the oracle track.
    • At certain points, Darius, the Abomination Coven head, can also be seen.
  • This episode reveals Gus' surname to be Porter, after his father Perry Porter.
  • Emperor Belos can cast magic without needing to draw a spell circle.
  • Emperor Belos wants to go to the human realm for an unknown reason, although he claims it isn't to conquer it.
  • Lilith defects from the Emperor's Coven to protect Eda and King. Due to this, Belos strips Lilith of her role as the leader and expels her from the Emperor's Coven (in-absentia).
  • Hunter is made the new leader of the Emperor's coven due to Lilith's defection.
  • Now that both Lilith and Eda share the curse, a side effect is that one of their eyes is gray.


  • Luz is shown to be wearing the Witch's Wool Cape that Eda made for her in "Agony of a Witch".
  • Lilith takes someone who cares for Eda again, this time, it is King.
  • Luz speaks Spanish for the fourth time in the series.
  • Lilith mentions when Eda wanted to enter the Emperor's Coven with her, as revealed earlier in "Once Upon a Swap".
  • Following Lilith's adopting of half of Eda's curse unto herself, both she and Eda now have heterochromic eyes and Eda's gem is now black, reflecting her newfound inability to perform magic naturally; Lilith's power is also diminished.
  • Luz destroys the portal door to the human world to keep it out of Belos' possession, stranding herself on the Boiling Isles. Later, Belos begins attempting to recreate the destroyed door.
  • Amity's leg is still healing following the injury she received in "Wing It Like Witches".
  • The Emperor's Coven booklet from "Agony of a Witch" can be found on Gus' desk.
  • This is the third time Earth is shown, following "A Lying Witch and a Warden" and "Witches Before Wizards" (in the latter, during a flashback of the first episode).
  • From this episode onward, the ending theme now has Eda in her post-shared curse form.


  • When Luz casts a plant spell near the statue, the glyph she throws at it is for a light spell.
  • When the news is on in the background, the tower of the Emperor's Castle is missing.
  • In the flashback, Amity's mother's eyes are gold, but in later episodes they are blue.


  • In Southeast Asia, the title card and the scene where Luz chips Belos' mask were cut.

Memorable quotes

I will not fall prey to your childish games.
I love you, Eda.
I love you too, kiddo.
Luz and Eda
Talk to the glyph, witch!



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